Sunday, September 24, 2023
burning candles with melted wax at night
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Fiction Monday – 57

Hello people!  Welcome to the fifty-seventh edition of Fiction Monday.

How are you all doing? This week is a way too exciting one for us with my children starting their new school year, yes both of them, and with my birthday today. We had our Meet The Teacher event yesterday and everything went well so far.

I am still nervous about how things would go when tomorrow the school finally begins. My little one is going to school after staying at home for around a year and a half at home. He is so comfortable staying at home. There are multiple scenarios of worst cases running through my mind at this very moment. I am praying for a smooth transition.

So, tell me, what’s new with you?

Stories From The Fifty-sixth Edition

The special ingredient of life by Suzana
New Love by Vinitha

Thank you, Suzana.

Fiction Monday

The idea is simple – to write. On Mondays, I will post the prompt here. There will be a word prompt and a picture prompt. You have one week to respond with a story. You can choose to include both the prompts in your story or just one prompt – the choice is yours.

The expected word count is between 50 and 500. From the nineteenth edition onwards I am offering something different for fiction Monday. You are welcome to share poetry, non-fiction musings, or fictional pieces. The whole idea is to write. But we will continue to call this #FictionMonday, because why not!

You have time till August 7th, Saturday, 2021.

Don’t forget to add the link to your story in the comments below. I will share your creations here, along with the prompts for the fifty-eighth edition on Monday the 9th of August.


Picture Prompt –

burning candles with melted wax at night
Photo by Skylar Kang on

*If you use the picture prompt, please give proper credit to the picture in your post.

Fiction Monday
Fiction Monday

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