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Fiction Monday – 8

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the eighth edition of Fiction Monday.

My standard answer is ‘I don’t know where they come from, but I know where they come to, they come to my desk.’ If I’m not there, they go away again, so you’ve got to sit and think. – Philip Pullman

The truth is, I’m not confident in writing fiction. Writing these bite sized fictional pieces help me in building my confidence, bit by bit. Here are three stories from last week to start your week.

Stories From The Seventh Edition

Road to recovery by Aseem Rastogi
Russo by Shilpa Gupte
Come On In! by Vinitha

Please do give these stories a read. These are some beautiful slices of story telling in just a few words. It might inspire you to write a tale or two for this week’s prompt.

Fiction Monday

The idea is simple – to write fiction. On Mondays, I will post the prompt here. There will be a word prompt and a picture prompt. You have one week to respond with a story. You can choose to include both the prompts in your story or just one prompt – the choice is yours.

The expected word count is between 50 and 250.

You have time till August 29th Saturday, 2020.

Don’t forget to add the link to your story in the comments below. I will share your creations here along with the prompts for the ninth edition on Monday the 31st.

Word Prompt– FAINT

Picture Prompt –

grayscale photo of footprints on sand
Photo by Adrien Olichon on Pexels.com

*If you use the picture prompt, please give proper credit to the picture in your post.

Waiting to read your responses. ?

Fiction Monday

An IT Professional, an author, an accidental blogger, a lover of words and a recent self-care addict. I love stringing words together, which I lovingly call a poem. You can read my affair with words at Void Thoughts(http://thevoidthoughts.com) and Reflections..(https://www.vinithadileep.com)

12 thoughts on “Fiction Monday – 8

  1. Your prompts are always so good!

    You are great at writing fiction, don’t ever think otherwise.


  2. Been very caught up in this week and its just flown past. Loved the pic prompt of this week’s edition – will attempt something and post though not on time.

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