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The Finale #writetribe #Writetribeproblogger

With this post, I have successfully completed the Write Tribe Pro Blogger challenge.  All through the month of October, I have been posting twice a week on both my blogs.  

I got to read some great blogs during this challenge. Some new, some old. Discovering awesome blogs is a great reward for taking part in such challenges.  It’s a great pleasure to finish the challenge in the company of such awesome bloggers.  

Signing up both the blogs was a brave move from my part. I didn’t expect that I would be able to finish both the blogs, but I signed up both anyway thinking that the push to try and write would be good for me.  And as expected, it was hard to keep up with writing on both the blogs and link up before the deadline closed in every single time. Probably I was the last to write and link up almost always during the challenge. ? 

I learned that writing in this space with little time on my hand and a deadline to race against, is very hard. I am hoping to continue posting here weekly once if not twice. Some of the posts which I wrote in haste didn’t give the satisfaction from a writing and quality perspective, but I published them anyway because I was running out of time. Compromising on quality and content and suffocating myself with the craziness totally dampened my spirit. I have to steer clear of such shortcuts going forward.

I kept telling myself to schedule but never did, not even once during the challenge. How easier it would have been had I scheduled at least a couple of posts beforehand. There’s a lesson I keep learning challenge after challenge but never learned!

There are a few more learnings I took away from this challenge, which I am saving for a later post.

Regardless of all the madness, I did enjoy being part of this. It gave me something to think about for me, for my blogs. It was actually a relief for my mind which usually revolves around the kids and the chores.

Thank you, my dear readers, for supporting me throughout and showering me with positive words of encouragement when I am in dire need of them. 🙂

So, did you participate in the Problogger challenge? How was your experience? How do you think I did? Do you have any feedback for me? I am all ears. 🙂

Linking with Day 9 of Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge.

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An IT Professional, an author, an accidental blogger, a lover of words and a recent self-care addict. I love stringing words together, which I lovingly call a poem. You can read my affair with words at Void Thoughts( and Reflections..(

18 thoughts on “The Finale #writetribe #Writetribeproblogger

    1. That’s the perk. I love taking part in challenges like these because it helps in connecting with a lot of wonderful writers. I got to find you too. ?

  1. Congratulations Vinitha for finishing up the month long challenge. It was indeed brave of you to commit both your blogs to the challenge. But, I think, the bigger challenge must have been to keep up with the reading in your group and outside. Tell me about it!

    1. Yep, reading was quite a challenge, especially when we had a group to read already. That kind of limited my reading variety as the group in itself was big with around 17 of us. I had to skip many of my favorite writers because of the time factor. But my team members were pretty understanding, so we took our time to get around and read. It was nice. Missed you in the challenge.

  2. Congratulations Vinitha for completing the challenge with two blogs! I found it hard with only one blog. You are an inspiration. Yes, it was a learning curve and also provided wonderful opportunity to meet talented writers in the virtual world. I would be following all the blogs in our tribe to read and get inspired. For me, Diwali madness added more craziness, of course it did for everyone. But I am happy I completed the challenge.

  3. Vinitha, it was a roller coaster ride for me too. I was travelling and had to put up a picture post on the 8th day. Enjoyed discovering new blogs and amazing bloggers. My take away is plan and schedule posts. You were a great group leader, thanks for everything.

  4. I had the same feeling of trying to post no matter what. It made me push my limits and also stopped me from thinking too much before posting. Though all posts are not excellent of mine, I liked that I did complete it. Thanks for your time and energy in chasing us all.

  5. You were a great tribe leader and I loved all your posts. The verses or the reflections- loved reading them. I’m happy that this challenge got you in the mode of writing and blogging again. The blogging world isn’t the same without you, Vinitha. Hugs!

  6. Managing two blogs would have been crazy. For one mad moments I thought if doing that too but then stuck to just one and that itself proved to be a struggle. However, I have one thing to say – the more you take on the more you’re able to manage. So kudos Vinitha.

  7. Congratulations on completing the challenge, Vinitha! And, you need double congrats – you were writing on two blogs! Writing poetry is not easy, and you wrote one every week apart from the non-fiction post and that is truly commendable ! Keep going girl!

  8. I enjoyed reading all your posts and with the little one I understand how difficult it must be. I too had a great time during the challenge. I will miss the craziness of posting and reading now.

  9. I need to catch up on your earlier posts. I skipped this challenge because I knew life wouldn’t let me– but I’m happy to see all the great posts it’s led to from you and others.

  10. Ah the adrenaline rush after completing a challenge – it’s quite something. I am glad you had such a great time. I have not really participated in many blogging challenges outside of the AtoZ, which by the way, I am looking forward to this year (2018), but I know I really should make the time to take part in some more of them. Hopefully in the new year..

  11. I skipped the challenge and couldn’t keep up with my intention to read the posts of some of my favourite bloggers, (yourself included) and yet, I’ve been catching up with the reading whenever time has permitted. I’m so glad you followed right through and managed to complete it despite the time and other constraints. It feels wonderful to read you again. Keep them coming, Vinitha. It’s always a pleasure to read some who writes so effortlessly, honestly and straight from the heart.

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