Wednesday, July 08, 2020
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Future thoughts by Kanna!

Kanna wants a doggy and a baby. These two are in his list for quite some time now. To give us time, we told him that we get a doggy and a baby once we are back in Phoenix. But the truth is we don’t know if or when we will be back in Phoenix, just like we don’t know how long we are going to be here.

Anyways, that suggestion seems to be working for him. He accepted that we can’t have a baby or doggy here, but we will have both when we are back in Phoenix. But this doesn’t stop him from asking for the both everyday and night. While he expresses his affection towards the future baby and doggy we are going to have, he thinks about the stuff both needs to make their stay comfortable with us.

Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay

Like the other day he was telling that we need to get baby toys, crib, bottle, clothes diaper, wipes, etc for the baby when she comes. Yes, she, sometimes it changes to she and he. After seeing twin babies, he is warming up to the idea of a girl and a boy baby at the same time. Then he advised me to get some bigger clothes for myself because face it, I am going to get bigger with a baby in my tummy. How far fetched he is thinking! If someone listens to our conversation they will congratulate us for having the baby because these conversations seem so realistic. I know he knows it isn’t real so far, but he is preparing for the future.

Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay

Don’t think that Kanna’s concerns are only for the baby. He was telling me that we should have some friends for the dog which we are going to get. And as friends for the dog we have to get a cat and bunny too, maybe!! Then toys and food for the dog.

I am sure the list is going to get bigger. But I am not able to put a stop to this growing list because it is well thought out by him. Truth to be told I am glad that he thinks that much about the future members of our family!


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