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God And Religion

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Is God and Religion related? Do you have to be religious to worship God?

I believe in God and I follow Hinduism.
While the reason I follow Hinduism is because I was born to Hindu parents (one of them was a strong non-believer in God ), my belief in God has gone through quite a lot of on and off phases and finally I felt its okay to believe in God.

I totally accept the fact that its possible to live without believing in God.
But I don’t like the idea of assigning God a religion. Religion is a division not God. God is a belief, the goodness, the faith, the strength. God is that positive thing in my life which I can depend onto, the ray of hope.
Even though I have assigned a face to God, your God may look completely different.
God is my outlook towards my life.
What about you?


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0 thoughts on “God And Religion

  1. This post feels so like me. I would like to believe myself as a non-religious having a staunch faith in God. But accepting this to others in the family could let myself fall into a quagmire. Someday I will find my courage to expose my thoughts on this subject.

    1. Many times I fail to understand whats the big deal about religion. There are people supporting each religion, glorifying the goodness in it.. Then there are Atheists propagating their idea. Its confusing right.. I am at loss of words .. 🙂

  2. Well, keeping aside the eternal debate about God, I quite agree that religion is division created by humans and well, I don’t see any loss if we were to get rid of it 🙂 (it may have it pros but there are too many cons and something that can lead to wars and riots is better off from this world)

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