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Grateful for Yesterdays! #GratitudeCircle

I’m grateful for …

And the page stayed blank. Did that happen to you? It did happen to me last month.

I wanted to write my gratitude list for July but there I was, unable to articulate how July was and what I was grateful for. To be fair the month started out good. The third weekend of July we shifted apartment and the move was an absurdly difficult due to incompetent and greedy movers.

That kind of did it. It doesn’t sound fair to let one incident set the tone of your mind. Nevertheless, it could happen.

All the things I was grateful for so far for July was shadowed by one disaster of a day. Actually, I was clueless about how to find the silver lining because there has to be something good even in the worst situation.

And I failed to find the good part. So I concluded sometimes it’s just bad. We accept that and move on.

So I decided to club the gratitude list for July and August together and share it here today. Here they are:

For signing up for BARATHON and finishing it successfully in the first of July.

Reading. I started the first book in Clifton Chronicles toward the end of June. In July I finished reading the first two books in the series – Only Time Will Tell and The Sins of Father. Though I finished them by halfway through July, I took a break from reading till the third week of August. Last week of August I was done with the third in the series, Best Kept Secret and picked up the fourth book, Be Careful What You Wish For. Three books in two months is a lot to be grateful for in my journal.

A day out with the family on an aquarium visit. It’s nice to spend the day outside and have fun.

For the people who were there for us when we needed them.

The conversations I enjoyed.

The conversations I didn’t enjoy giving me more reasons to cherish the good ones dearly.

The apartment move, though not the best, all that ended well, right?

Finding a nice place to live.

Reading with Kanna.

I was worried about moving to this new place. Changing everything familiar to unfamiliar, to explore the new surroundings and familiarize the routes, and make it home. But I’m glad we did go through with the changes. We are learning new routines, finding rhythms that fit our life. And I’m liking this new tune.

Akku’s naps when he took one.

My birthday and the quiet celebrations that followed.

Kanna’s excitement to celebrate my birthday.

Good sleep at night when Akku is generous enough to let me have one.

Walk in the apartment complex.

Relaxing in the pool.

Getting well after falling sick, the whole family.

Freelance works.

Playtimes, funs, and giggles.

My blogs, blogging, writing, and online friends.


Meeting with friends.

Remembering to write on my gratitude journal daily.

Well, look at that! There are a lot of things to be grateful for. I’m just happy that I lived each of these days and was able to share them too here.  So, how was your August?

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19 thoughts on “Grateful for Yesterdays! #GratitudeCircle

  1. Isn’t it strange how you begin with a blank but end up with a lot when you actually begin listing things down? It is in the ordinariness of life that we have a lot to be grateful for….

    1. Acknowledging the plain good things that happened despite the not so good stuff will keep us grounded and sane. 🙂 Thanks for the visit, Shilpi!

  2. I so liked your thought when you said that you accepted the thing as “Bad” when it was difficult or near impossible to find the silver limning to it. Acceptance of the things as they are and not as we would like them to be is the most liberating feeling.
    Wishing you a great month ahead Vinitha.

    1. Yes, accepting things as they are and moving on is difficult, but once done it’s liberating and gratifying. Thank you, Anagha! 🙂

  3. We have so much to be grateful for, if only we’re paying attention. Thanks for sharing your gratitude post—I write a gratitude journal but can’t do it in public, too shy.

    But I can see how it is good thing, and how it can positively impact a reader’s perspective.

    1. Whatever makes us happy! Right? I do write on my gratitude journal daily. This monthly gratitude list gives more clarity to my messy mind. 🙂 Thanks for visiting, Damyanti!

  4. I like your list. I don’t do well on regularly scheduled blog thingies, but I’m thinking that keeping a gratitude journal and reflecting on it at least once monthly, if not weekly, might be a good and sane thing to do.

  5. A wonderful list of things to be grateful for. I actually like the one about conversations you didn’t like. They do make us grateful for the ones we do enjoy. Moving homes can be so exhausting, but glad you have settled now.
    Have a great month ahead.

  6. You hope you and your family are doing better now. Wishing you a happy and healthy September, Vinitha.

  7. Congratulations on theme. New beginning are initially tough, but portend lot of good things our way. After all change is the only constant in our life. Very sweet gratitude list Vinitha. God bless loads.

  8. See! There are so many of them. And you too had conversations and met friends. Blogging, and shifting to a new place is sure hectic but totally worth it, I feel!


  9. Even if we start from a blank page, if we sit sincerely immersed something will emerge out of our mind. The readers will weigh its worth. Any I give it distinction.

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