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Gratitude all the way!

Somehow the gratitude post for March never made it to my blog. So in this post, I am making space for both April and March. Compared to February, past two months were a breeze. There were a few hiccups, nothing that bogged me down endlessly, though.

Let’s begin with Reading

My reading goal from the beginning of this year was one book per month. And I am extremely happy that I am on track. I have finished two books in the last two months – Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty and Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.

I absolutely loved Big Little Lies that I managed to finish the whole book in less than a week’s time. Isn’t it amazing to get lost in the book that flows so smoothly yet intriguingly? Now, if only getting lost in the book was actually possible! This book certainly grabbed my attention from beginning to end.

Lean In was a good read. It was an eye-opener even for me, a female. There were areas which I couldn’t quite agree with, but I was able to understand the why behind the perspective. I learned about states previously unknown to me the higher level female officials faced. A lot of questions arose in my mind as I read through the pages some of which I noted down along with my observations and opinions. Needless to say, my experience reading a non-fiction book after a long gap was quite a successful one.

Reading makes me happy. I don’t get to read as and when I would like. Regardless, I was able to read the books from my TBR list and I am grateful for that, very much.

Fitness and Health

I’m not a perfect fit person. Frequently visited by the two irritants, migraine and back pain, I tend not to function well at times. That’s when my two saviors, yoga and walk, enter to help this damsel in distress. Though it is difficult to keep a yoga pose without losing balance as my little one loves to use me as his play gym anytime he catches me practicing a downward dog or a pigeon pose, I try to sneak in at least ten minutes of practice every day. Coupled with a daily walk of 30 minutes, I am successful in keeping my distance with those foes of mine on most of the days.


Well, blogging took a back seat the past two months, though when I checked back at the end of April I did manage to post a total of four posts on this blog and five on Void Thoughts. Not bad for someone who is always busy with other priorities, huh? A total of nine posts made me realize that I am not giving enough credit to my efforts. I have to step up and accept the undeniable fact I am simply amazing! Right? 🙂


“My name is Vinitha and I have a bad habit of adding one too many topics to my learning goals!”

There, I said it.

As a result of this bad habit, I have too many things to finish, none of which are past the beginning stage. If only I picked just one topic at a time and finished it! See, I know where the problem lies and what the solution is. I just like to collect them for the fun of it and wallow when things don’t work out. But the good part is at any point in time I have a target to achieve. Life is never boring. 🙂 Like this one project I did with Kanna –  we created a game on the computer using Scratch program. See for yourself!

You might have played this game before. Click on the flag to start the game. This one was fun to develop as Kanna was excited to add functionalities such as the color changing ball and paddle and the shrinking paddle.

Personal front

My family deserves a special mention in my gratitude prayer. They are good people, you know? 🙂

March and April were kind to me. There weren’t any spectacular days. There weren’t any unusually glum days either. I have come up with a new productivity assessment which seems to be helping me on a daily basis if I stick to it. I realize the power vested in me in nurturing or crippling my well being is higher than I recognize. I understand that I need to pat on my back once in a while, sincerely.

Overall, I am thankful for how it all turned out. And, I welcome every day I get to make a new yesterday with much gratitude!

So how did your April go? What are you thankful for?

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15 thoughts on “Gratitude all the way!

  1. That sounds like you had lovely two months! I’m the happiest when I get some reading done. My TBR keeps growing and I dont seem to find enough time to read. April for me was really hectic! But it was good! A few good things came my way. 🙂

  2. I too had skipped the March post but my excuse is the AtoZ challenge which has become something of a hard to resist thing in the blog-o-sphere. Try as much as I might, I cant keep away from it. I cam close to abandoning it twice this year but guess something in me pushed me to finish it.
    Yoga and walk are the perfect antidote for me too. I cant do without them and try and catch in as many sessions in a week as I can.
    Your TBR sounds awesome – look forward to the book reviews for these two; keen to hear about Lean.
    Here is hoping that May brings in more sunshine and love your way- cheers Vinitha

  3. That sounds like a wonderful couple of months. So happy for you. I’ve loved both the books that you mentioned. Quite some reads. Good to hear about your fitness goals too. I love walks and Yoga as well. Currently suffering from a sprained knee, everything is off. Let’s see when I can get back to regular exercise routine.

  4. I, too, have gotten back to reading, after the A to Z . Presently, I am reading. ‘The Help’, which is such a beautifully narrated story, I just can’t put it down! I so want to read ‘Big little lies’! Have read a lot about it from so many bloggers, and now here, too! Guess the Universe is telling me to pick up this book next!
    Yoga and walking will keep you in good shape, mentally and physically. I follow these too and can swear by their miracles!

    May your present month pass by smoothly and give you much happiness and peace of mind, dear Vini! <3

  5. Oh, me too, Vinitha! I have gotten back to reading as well. I loved Big Little Lies. Thanks for the second book recommendation. I will look into it. Also, 9 posts is a good number 🙂 Have a fantastic May!

  6. i read those books, and found gratitude in my life. The way you described little things through this blog that is wonderful and would like to say thanks for sharing those post with us.

  7. I love the positive vibe of this post. Also that naughty humor 🙂
    I am happy that you are reading, writing, walking and holding asanas. All things I love 🙂 Keep up with the positivism and here’s wishing you a great May!

  8. Vinitha, I enjoy reading your amazing posts from time to time and true exercise matters most with walking and yoga practice. I am currently reading 1984 by George Orwell and looking to get some brainless romance fiction. I am extremely grateful to my Mom, the immediate family and close friends. I agree it becomes tough to wrap up so many things in a day with what so many stuffs coming one after the other. Even an agenda diary not helping my cause and need to prioritize 2 to 3 main things in a day/

  9. I am so glad things are looking up for you, Vinitha. I have read and enjoyed Lean In, and have heard great things about Big Little Lies. Good that you are able to stay on track and check off books from your TBR pile.

    And 9 posts during a busy phase is pretty amazing, girl. You really have to learn to give yourself more credit, and I am glad you have finally started acknowledging that. 🙂

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