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Gratitude in troubled times

How different is this year from the last, am I right? This year we are unified by a common threat – covid19. Sometimes I feel that there is no meaning to anything we do because life is short, so short that an invisible virus is all that is needed to wipe out the human race. The thought is humbling me. And I feel gratitude to the universe for letting me in on this journey no matter how terrified I feel.

Gratitude in troubled times

See, the past 3 weeks was so worrying seeing the number of cases affected with coronavirus climbing up, especially in the US, at an alarming rate. So many people are affected in different ways. It shows how trivial the problems we otherwise complain about.

Gratitude in Troubled Times

That’s why I believe that this is the perfect time to count our blessings and send gratitude to the universe. I don’t know if this act will save me. But I know that counting my blessings would definitely help calm my distressed mind.

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Books to read:

I love reading in my kindle app. Our public library has a massive ebook collection which helps me to keep reading while the library closed due to covid19. Last month I read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne which was a different read from the books I normally choose. This book is based on the idea of the law of attraction and the power of manifestation. I liked how most of our doubts about manifestation law that crop up as we read the book are answered in the subsequent pages. It made sense to me. I would like to re-read it once again later in the year perhaps.


After coming back from the India trip in January I couldn’t get back to blogging like I wanted to. Something was pulling me away probably the inertia of the vacation. But it was annoying to keep planning and failing to execute them. I am glad that slowly I am succeeding in finding my groove back. Joining Damyanti’s Facebook group to embrace rejections was one of the good things though I am still not writing and sending out for a lot of submissions, but it got me started. I wrote this poem last week for the yeah write poetry challenge. I would like to know if you like it or not.

Today I am grateful for


It’s not the time to have a get-together or invite someone over in this time of social distancing. And that is a reason for most of us to go crazy. That’s why I try to connect with my friends online. Since that was happening before the corona times it is business as usual for me. But for many out there who are missing their friends and the casual chitchats, talking over the phone or even a video chat can do wonders to your mood. I am so thankful for technology helping me to catch up with my friends and family who are away from me.


Now that my three boys are home the whole time it is easy for me to take them for granted. Well, they are there all the time. They don’t play nice and fight with each other. They don’t put the things back in their place anytime. And they are boys!


But they are here and safe. For that I am grateful. 🙂

Staying safe:

I realize how much I miss my drop off and pick up duties. It was nothing and sometimes annoying back then, but now I am remembering those precious moments nostalgically. Yet, it is important to stay inside and stay healthy. We are getting the essentials though at times some items are not available. I am grateful that we are able to stay inside our house and be safe.

There are so many medical professionals, store workers, delivery workers, and other front-line workers who put their safety in line to deliver a better life to us and our loved ones. Saying thanks isn’t enough, but by staying inside we are actually helping them a great deal I believe. Grateful for all the people who work during this time of crisis.

It’s extremely important to stay at home during this time. Follow the protocols that are in place in your area of residence and ensure that you and your family are safe and healthy.

Please do share in the comments what are you grateful for today.

Gratitude-Pinnable Image
Gratitude in Troubled times

Joining Vidya Sury’s Gratitude Circle.

Gratitude Circle

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10 thoughts on “Gratitude in troubled times

  1. True, Vini.. these are weird times we are living through. Even for me, in many ways nothing has changed. And yet, everything has changed.

    This virus has made us all realize how much we take for granted. I can only imagine the mundane non glamorous things all of us will be grateful for, once this is all over.

    1. Very true, Shantala. I am longing to get back to my earlier more structured routine. And of course, my solitude – I miss sitting in absolute silence when everyone was at their place of work/study.
      How are you guys managing?

      1. Doing okay. Staying in for now. And hoping to ride this out unscathed. The fact that we can at-least attempt to do so is something I am grateful for.

  2. Hugs! You are so right about those little things we used to do and at that time felt mundane and a waste. Look at us now. Longing for those times to come back.
    Technology, partner and a safe place to live are the three most important things right now for me. And I am immensely grateful that we have these. Take care, Vinitha!
    Let’s exchange voice notes soon! 🙂

    1. Very true, Damyanti. Things have changed, but many of us still have many privileges. Grateful for that. 🙂

  3. I have been following the US numbers very closely as I have so many friends and family there- NY is devastating for me. I am glad to hear you are doing well and staying motivated Vini. Indeed so many things we used to crib about has become so trivial to us now in hindsight. Surviving the lock down has become our biggest challenge- who knew staying home would be so challenging.

    Its grim here too – my colony has been cordoned off as a hotspot/containment zone – not sure which as there is not much clarity due to lack of info. But we are all walled in now; no stepping out even till the grocery stores. Become more suffocating since I heard about it. Apparently the govt here is trying to check the zones for contamination and warding them off to avoid more cases.

    I have been trying to practice gratitude too and grateful for being able to do so. You stay safe and calm. This too shall pass. Hugs and cheer Vini!

    1. I hope everything is okay there, Shalini. It is scary to read all these e stare at the news. People are affected terribly in many places. Many have lost their jobs. It’s terrifying.
      I am grateful for everything that we have. We are safe so far. Things will settle down sooner or later, I hope.
      You take care, dear. 🙂

  4. What a change for the entire world! True, that this pandemic has thrown our life and regular routine out of gear, and it’s a challenging time for a lot of people, but we have a lot to be thankful for. There are minor hiccups or irritations but that’s surely manageable. Take care and stay safe with your boys ♥

    1. Life as we knew it has changed. Still, we are okay, we are safe. Our problems aren’t severe. This is the right time to send gratitude to the Universe. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, Shilpa. 🙂

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