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Gratitude List – February

I am a tad late in posting my February gratitude list, aren’t I? 😀 With the spring break and a small vacation trip and a million other things which I don’t remember at the moment, I forgot to write my gratitude post for the month on time. Better late than never, isn’t it? 🙂

February gave me many good memories and moments. Meeting some old friends unexpectedly, and being a regular at working out at the gym are the highlights.

Without further ado here is my gratitude list for February:

  1. Meeting friends from college unexpectedly and devouring a nice time together after more than 11 years. What made me happier was learning the fact that how easy and effortless it was to talk to them. Distance and time fail to create a barrier between friends. In fact, I felt that the distance and time had played a role in opening up without reservations, now that we are grown ups with responsibilities craving to relive those good old college days.
  2. Being a regular at the gym. My relationship with the gym was always very short lived. I was always afraid of working out on the treadmill let alone ellipticals and weight lifting. Now I am jogging on the treadmill between brisk walks and using elliptical as if it is my birthright and even trying out different weight lifting equipment. I was worried that lifting weight would cause more back pain but it turns out I am pain-free after I workout. Isn’t that awesome?
  3. Volunteering at Kanna’s school. This had been in my mind for quite a long time. But the incredible fear to encounter new things kept me away despite finding many opportunities to volunteer. When one day a mail popped in my inbox asking for volunteers as classroom rep from Kanna’s school, I signed up as the classroom rep for Kanna’s class.
  4. Organizing a family picnic for Kanna’s class. So, as a classroom rep that was the first task – to organize a family picnic. From choosing the location to emailing all the parents with the necessary information including the potluck details – it was fun and exciting. And the picnic was a wonderful experience, meeting all the parents and his class teacher and talking to them. Kids had the most fun. I was so happy when everyone thanked me for organizing the event. Who knew I could do all that!
  5. Saying NO when need be. I tend to fill up my to-do list with a whole lot of tasks which most often stay on the list feeding to my I-am-not-efficient feeling. Over the years, I’ve learned to say NO to others when I know I can’t commit. But saying NO to myself was a whole new ball game. So when at the end of February, Write Tribe announced the much loved week-long episode of Festival of Words, I was in two minds. One where I wanted to participate, and another where I was certain that taking part in a daily blogging challenge when I already had a lot on my plate would be the perfect invitation for another stress attack. So I said NO to myself and successfully stayed away from participating. I did miss the fun and daily writing. But I am not stressed out. It took a lot of willpower, my dears.
  6. Reading. It was a gratifying month reading wise – both books and blogs. I have to update my reading log somewhere before I forget the books I read as I don’t participate in reading challenges it’s only natural of me to forget which books I read on a month after some time.
  7. Blogging. I have published only 5 posts in total – 2 here and 3 in Void Thoughts. I am working to change that. In March, my post count is even worse, but I am keeping the faith that I would get things together in April.
  8. Friends. Of course, I already covered this point. But friends. They do deserve a special mention when they are there for you. I am taking time out of my weekly schedule to call and chat with my friends, both virtual and real. It helps me. I hope it helps them, too.
  9. Driving. Every time I drive my kids and husband to their destinations, I feel thankful that I learned to drive. It is such an important skill to live here. Driving makes me independent. In fact, driving makes me a dependable person. My family knows. 🙂
  10. Learning. I have started to study for an exam. In fact, that was the reason for my busy-ness these days. My initial timeline proved to be a flawed one. So studies are continuing, panic is settling in, hope is fizzling out half the time, brightening up at other times, and thus my sail continues.
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So that’s about it. I am grateful for the many little moments of joy that drove me to write this despite being so late in writing the gratitude list. I just couldn’t let it go. I am thankful for my daily gratitude journal reminding me that I have good things to count on.

How was your February? Have you started writing your gratitude list for March? 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Gratitude List – February

  1. Yes! You are undoubtedly late with this list but I can imagine how busy you must be…..It’s hard to find time to write a special post capturing your whole month. I am already wondering what to be grateful about this month of March as nothing much has been happening at my end.

    1. That’s why I write on a daily gratitude journal. I have started to work on my March gratitude list so as not to be late like this time. 🙂 You have those beautiful Mumbai sky and stories of your grandkids to share in your gratitude post, right, Sunita. 🙂

      1. Ah this month I don’t have much to write about ….. I also make a daily note but March somehow seems to have marched by …..

  2. what a wonderful list of things to be grateful about. Kudos for keeping up with your exercise regime. I can understand how much effort and motivation it requires to be consistent. Yes, driving is a life skill these days. Good luck with your studies. 🙂

    1. I am surprised that I haven’t given up yet. From the 3rd week of January I am a regular at the gym 3 days a week. It isn’t much, but I feel happy showing up. 🙂 Thanks, Raj! 🙂

  3. Your list Vinitha is wholly aspirational for me – I would love to learn to drive, I need to but just haven’t got around to it, I understand the hesitation of trying something new as well as the pleasure of having done it successfully. The gym remains a no-no too but am trying to be regular with my walks and that gives me a lot of happiness. I gave the FOW a miss too this year and was sorry yet glad.
    I am happy for you that you could meet up with friends. Old ones are the best.

    1. Here your movements will be restricted too much if you don’t drive. It is a necessity. I started going to the gym recently and loving it. I never thought I would enjoy the experience. 🙂 Walking regularly is good too. I used to walk regularly every day and that had helped me. But now I am not walking as much because it has become more trouble as we are living on the 2nd floor, getting out with a toddler and his stroller (else he will ask me to pick him up halfway). Yeah, saying no to FOW was difficult, but it helped me. So..
      Thanks for stopping by, Tulika. 🙂

  4. Loved reading your list, Vinitha! It is amazing how you have been taking the time to focus on all that is important for you, including those “many moments of joy” as you say, that made you write the post. You inspire me, girl. I too have been thinking of writing one but, somehow haven’t got round to doing it. Maybe, I should write one. It has been a bit of a juggle this week with too many things but I think I’m just taking the time out for the most important things in my life too. Just trying not to be too hard on myself for the not-so-good bits as well!

    1. Writing gratitude post is for my pleasure, Esha. It forces me to focus on the good parts. Stringing together those little moments of joy is a wonderful exercise for the mind. 🙂
      I am glad that I inspired you. <3 I know you have lots to deal with at the moment, but I see you are doing better on the blog front. That’s great! Keep writing and yes, don’t be too hard on yourself. <3

  5. Sounds like a good month to me. Workout really does a lot of good things. Like you I also love it that I can drive. It gives me a feeling of independence. And yes old friends are really wonderful. Hope your March is good as well, Vinitha.

  6. I love the month you had. It is amazing how many things you squeezed in. Fantastic. See, that’s the power of believing in oneself. Once we set our mind, we can do any thing we want. Hugs and Love, Vinitha. I want March and all the coming months to be even better and fulfilling for you.
    Good luck with the studies. That’s one hard part 😉

  7. Better late than never, as they say 🙂
    Meeting old college friends at a venue far removed from one’s own country must be also a happy feeling. Kudos to you for staying regular with exercising. Since the time I talked to you 2 days ago, I have been filled with positive motivation to do my yoga daily. Okay, it has been just 2 days and consistency is not thing but I will try to keep at it. You are good influence, indeed. Great with the volunteering at Kanna’s school and the reading aspect. I didn’t participate in the FOW for the same reason as you. Last time I participated in June and 4-5 days into it, I was left terribly exhausted and stressed with no energy left for the chores which comes with the contract of ‘No help will ever be available to you’. At that time, if I could be granted one wish, I would have switched husband with my ever efficient maid. You know how much I love my husband or not 😀 I get the driving part and the satisfaction it provides. I miss it here. All the best for your exam.
    P.S. I am back to updating my gratitude journal after that call with you. Good influence, I have already said it.

  8. Sounds like a lovely February Vinitha! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the gym and volunteering at Kanna’s school. Driving is awesome, isn’t it? I agree it makes you feel quite independent. Also, you can log your books on Goodreads without participating in the challenge – it’s a nice way to keep track of books you’ve read as well as add books you want to read. Good luck with your exam!

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