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Gratitude List – March & April

By now you must have understood that I was on a break from blogging in April. I wanted to post my gratitude list for March before taking the break, but then I got caught up in this idea of merging my two blogs into one. It started as an exciting thought, soon turned into a tiresome one. And I had to break away from all this to give my head some space and clarity.

It all began with a strong desire to change the name of this blog. In fact, when I created this blog, I went with this name, Reflections, thinking that it would be a temporary thing and that I would change it soon. The idea at that time was to create the blog and start blogging while the enthusiasm lasted. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time finding the perfect name only to end up with a blog with a great name and no content.

As I was ransacking my brain to find the perfect name for the blog again, this idea of merging the blogs popped in, which sounded smart at first. One whole week went when I was “pro merge”. The next week rolled in with the question, “why, what’s wrong with the current setup?”. So after a lot of daunting thinking process and pro-con lists, I decided to keep the blogs as such for now.

Honestly, I am grateful for getting a clarity after all the brainstorming. It wasn’t easy. But for now, I decided I am too nostalgic too part with either of my custom domains. Since the decision is made, I feel much lighter. 🙂

So this post is going to be a combined gratitude post for March and April.

In no particular order here’s what I was grateful for the last couple of months:

Connections with fellow bloggers– I had a lot of chatting with my blogger friends the last two months. They are my go to candidates when I get stuck like the above decision making process. It’s nice to have someone listen to your thoughts and give their feedback, without insisting on their advise be followed. Right? I got featured in a couple of blogger’s post in March. I was honored when a prolific blogger and a dear friend Naba asked to write a few lines about my motherhood sacrifices. Lack of me time and mom guilt remain the prominent features in moms be it a working mom or a stay at home parent. Here’s the link to the post if you would like to read.

When Monika Suri asked to give my thoughts on what feminism meant to me on the occassion of Women’s Day I was pleased to do so. We need more talks on feminism. It felt great to be featured on Monika’s blog.

Travel, break and relaxation– In March, we made a small trip to Sandiego. Traveling with kids isn’t something which I enjoy. But still a trip has its own benefits. both the kids enjoyed the day spent at the beach than at Legoland. It was a welcoming break from the normal household chores and routines. Of course, I was glad to get back on the routine as soon as we got back home. 🙂

Taking a break from blogging in April, really helped me. I wasn’t being a regular at blogging now, but honestly I needed this official break. I only understood that after I went on the break. Gratitude for trusting my intuition always.

Health, Fitness and Lifestyle– So, I am equally proud and disappointed in this area. You might know that I was working out in the gym three times a week from the third of week of January. That’s still going on and I am super proud of me for doing that. I have never made an excuse to not to go to the gym, unless I was genuinely not well or the little one was not well and stayed home.

From the third week of March, I started to wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning to practice yoga for 30 minutes and study for the next 30 minutes. I was able to do that really well for a week. Then my little one and I fell sick. After that, whenever I wake up early the little guy is getting up with me bringing a complete disruption to the quietness and my process. I am still waking up at 5 but it isn’t exactly productive as earlier. Despite that, I am proud of myself. There is only a little we can do to change our circumstances. I am making the best use of mine and doing my best, too. I have noticed that my energy levels, both physical and emotional, has been up since waking up at 5. Being productive has a positive effect on me, huh?

Grateful for the beautiful weather – We enjoyed nice weather till the end of April (so unlike Arizona!) and that means more visits to the park and staying active.

Self care practice – Every day I am doing at least one thing just for me. I need that, I deserve that.

Reading – Finished three books in the last couple of months and reading listening to audiobooks at the moment. Currently listening to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and loving it. I was skeptical about audiobooks, but after giving it a try I am loving the experience. I get my audiobooks from our public library’s ebook section. Everything is online but there is a wait time for popular books. I am extremely grateful that I get to read and listen to books at no cost. 🙂

New hobbies – Watching Youtube videos and listening to podcasts. Loving them!

Morning Pages – That should be in my new hobbies list, but morning pages deserve a special mention. I started it only recently after reading The Artist’s way by Julia Cameron. Absolutely enjoying the experience of writing morning pages. Some days my morning pages happen only by mid-morning, but hey, that’s life. 🙂

I am determined to focus on all things happy, though, there were moments of despair and uncertainty. There still is such moments of haziness. But what better way to thank our lives than focusing on the little joys of life and appreciating them heartily. Right? <3

Joining Vidya’s Gratitude Circle this month.

Gratitude Circle

An IT Professional, an author, an accidental blogger, a lover of words and a recent self-care addict. I love stringing words together, which I lovingly call a poem. You can read my affair with words at Void Thoughts(http://thevoidthoughts.com) and Reflections..(https://www.vinithadileep.com)

9 thoughts on “Gratitude List – March & April

  1. After a long time, I’ve slowly started to jot down positive things in my life on a daily basis and it makes a difference looking back. We forget so many good things that happened, minor changes we made in our lives that we carry forward today.

  2. I am so happy to read all the positive notes from your end, Vini! The workout routine, the selfcare routine, the studying and the blogging break–all of these do a world of good to us, isn’t it? Keep it up!

    I am grateful that I could complete the A to Z Challenge in spite of the ups and downs. I am also trying my best to FOCUS on the moment–a tad difficult, no doubt, but I must do it for my mental health!

    Let’s catch up some day. Do let me know when we can.


  3. I am glad to hear things are going well for you Vinitha! Your exercise regime is great! I’ve slacked off a bit the past couple of weeks as it has started getting colder here and therefore, harder to wake up in the mornings. I’ve always wondered about the morning pages and maybe I should commit to the same. The holiday and the break away from the blog sound well-deserved. Glad you were able to make a decision re what to do about the blogs. Hope you have a wonderful May!

  4. Wow Vinitha you really have done a lot of thinking and made some really great decisions. I love the clarity of your thoughts – that is such a blessing to have. Your self care routine, workout regime and study cycles are so inspirational – more power to you on them. I too am trying to get up at 5 am and I do feel great when I do – and yes the productivity levels are terrific too on those days. I go to sleep by 9 on such days – so cut down on TV massively!

    Hope to see you more often on the blogging circuit now and wish you a fantastic month ahead!!

  5. I love that you are taking care of yourself. This is so important and you can’t believe how happy reading this post makes me. Don’t worry about the blogs. Do as you like. You are their Mum too 🙂
    Vacations and trips are always fun. Yes, there is fatigue but there is experience too. I am loving your verses and photo posts.

    Wishing you a happy May!

  6. Among all the other things which are similar between us is the idea about travelling with kids. I agree it is not easy and although I have just one compared to your two, I do not enjoy it. I have realised I love husband’s and kid’s travelling, no matter if they just happen to travel to office and school respectively 😀 Leave me alone is my mantra. You are doing great with waking up at 5 and trying to do yoga and studying. I would love to wake up by 5 am and do my yoga (in the case that I am not walking these days) but then I am sure I will become a zombie yet again since the house is out and about until 10.30 pm and quietens only at 11 am. Indian households, I tell you. It is great that you finally let the dust settle down on the idea of blogs merging. If something is causing a lot of overtime for the mind, it is better to take a pause. I have come across the term morning pages a lot. Now I think I have to google and read about it. Kudos to you for keeping up with reading. I have read good reviews about Big Magic. All the best for your exam. A happy March to you.

  7. that’s a great quote. And very true. Some people with billions never seem to have enough and others with seemingly little are happy with what they have. I think your idea of going and ahead and blogging instead of finding the perfect name is a good one. I know someone who spent a year trying to find a name and her focus was on the name, not writing. I think writing is the most important part. Names can change but the habit you create by writing regularly can stick with you

  8. Must feel great to make the decision of keeping both blogs! I go through that often and the decision is always the same -just stress myself over it. In my case, the trigger is usually guilt and then I just get over it.

    How nice to take a break and travel, Vinitha. I hope your little one is doing well now. And it is completely fine to take a break and prioritize. And yes, gratitude turns what we have into enough. It’s great to be up early, isn’t it? It definitely tells on the rest of the day! Take care! I think you are amazing.

  9. Hugs, Vinitha. Sorry I’ve been so absent. I love the upbeat nature of your post and I’m so glad you’re doing really well. You are one of my favourite bloggers. Much love.

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