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Gratitude for a not so perfect January

“January is almost over! Already?” Exclaimed Kanna yesterday.  

Usually, I would’ve thought the same, but not this time. This month I knew each day that has come and gone. I was aware of the hours and minutes and I tried my best to put it to good use. Of course, I could’ve done a better job, but for now, I’m happy how I treated 2018 January. For that I am thankful.

I did spend a lot of energy and time on a new project which not only left me with little to no energy but also stole my focus and threw me off my balance disrupting my belief systems. That was another learning point. Reinstating my belief, readjusting the focus and regaining my balance, I’m almost back on track.  

I have made a few goals as the new year rolled in. Every Sunday I reviewed my goals and set one or two of them as the priority. This new system helped me to stay in focus. There were some days which wasn’t exactly productive on any front, but as I reviewed the goals at the beginning of every week, I was getting another chance to fix my mistakes and give it another shot. I have a long way to go before I can claim success, but for now, I am focusing on one step at a time.

My goals were:

On the fitness front

  1. To lose 4 pounds by the end of January, 1 pound every week. – I lost 2 lbs. Though that’s only a 50% success rate, I’m happy that I’m trying to adhere to my fitness regimen.  
  2. To practice yoga daily. – I so wanted to stick to this goal, but I fell off the wagon more often than I would like to admit.

I am continuing with my walk every day. I don’t count calories I eat but have stopped eating food when I am bored.

On the blogging front

  1. To blog on both the blogs at least once weekly – which I have done only on some weeks. But I did blog better than last January. So there is a progress.
  2. To reply to comments on my posts promptly and on my earlier posts – This was in my mind for so long and I fail every single time. I know it’s a matter of discipline and getting the job done. I had planned to reply to the comments right away in order to prevent new backlogs from adding on and to work on a minimum of 5 comments from the earlier posts each day. A long way to go on this task.

On the learning front

  1. To learn or brush up a skill. – Though I haven’t finished the one I started I’m happy that I’m making progress. With a little push, I can get it done.  
  2. I have a couple other projects which I didn’t even start yet.

On the reading front

  1. To read at least one book a month –  I checked out two books from the library and couldn’t even finish a chapter before I had to return the books. Since then I borrowed just the one book and finished reading my current read The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins. Goal achieved! 🙂

On the personal front

  1. Well, I have struggled to keep on top of some goals. But I’m hopeful that in the coming days with a little more discipline I can manage to achieve them.

Although it seems that there are more failures than success, I don’t feel so. I have applied myself to the best of my ability. But with a toddler to care for 24/7, I have to cut myself some slack. At least I’m trying.  

I feel that I’m on the right track.  

I had the chance to enjoy a few unexpected moments of joy too this month:

  1. When Kanna received outstanding behavior award at his school.
  2. When I got my work authorization.
  3. When Akku mumbled some words a bit more clearly.
  4. When Akku put his dirty diaper in the trash and clapped for doing a good job.

I’m grateful for whatever I could do. I’m grateful for the failures pushing me to focus better. 

I’m grateful for not losing hope.  

Above all, I’m grateful for the little moments of happiness.

So, how was your January?

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15 thoughts on “Gratitude for a not so perfect January

  1. Vinitha, you are making good progress. Losing 2 lbs is great and also sticking to the walking goal. With the baby, it is difficult to maintain a fixed schedule. But, doing something despite the chaos, is truly great. Some goals like responding to blog comments is fine. We can understand as readers.
    Keep up the progress.

    1. My toddler decides what I can or cannot do, every single day. That’s the biggest challenge of all. I do go off track but I’m trying not to lose focus just because I had a bad day, though I don’t know how long that will last. 🙂 I always feel bad for nor responding to the comments, after all the reader took the time to leave their thoughts, I should say thanks at least, right? Sometimes I check back on blogs to see the response. So..
      Thank you visiting and commenting, Lata. It was nice to have you here. 🙂

  2. Hey there, my dear!
    You did good, I must say! Working on your health and your blogging despite a busy schedule is commendable! Good going!
    Keep it up! I know it’s easier said than done, but the award that Kanna received speaks a lot about the work you are doing with him, isn’t it? The credit does go to you, babe! So chin up and keep going!

    1. Thank you, dear. You are always so generous with your words. Makes me feel so happy and wonderful. 🙂
      Thanks a lot, Shilpa. <3

  3. That’s a great job done for a start. Making plans, putting things in perspective and marching ahead with not one but so many goals to look forward to.That is no mean feat and I really think moms who stay at home working 24/7 with no break from weeks to months to years deserve all the applaud in this world because, motivation to set the goals and work for it, is very very hard when you work in isolation for that long. I wish you everything that you hope to achieve in 2018. I think you’re an amazing mom of two very bright kids who are already making you proud. Stay positive my friend and keep sharing your thoughts on the blog.

  4. You did well and when you feel that you made progress, that most important that any other things. Reading your post makes me feel good about one thing the most – your focus on YOURSELF. Brushing up skills, taking care of your health, and writing.
    Kanna was always smart and Akku is turning out to be smart 😉 Btw- Did I tell you that’s a cute name? <3
    Wishing you a February that helps you stay on top of your goals. Hugs!

  5. Wow you are sticking to your goals woth some gumption and a big pat on your back for achieving even 50% of it without giving up totally. More power to you Vini

  6. I think January has been a pretty successful month for you. All the best with all your goals. I am also trying to blog regularly on my blogs.

  7. I loved the way you have acknowledged your failures at par with your successes. Being grateful for the failures is one of the best ways to cleanse oneself of negative energy. More power to you!

  8. You were fairly busy in January, Vinitha. Congratulations on the fitness front. It is good that you are not eating when bored because that’s when we pile up junk. The thing about replying to comments on the blog, it has been on my mind too since long but I find it hard to take out time for this. Those achievements of your kids, Kanna’s was a big one 🙂 are surely like the icing on the cake. How cute it must have been to watch the little one getting excited after throwing dirty diaper in the trash. I wish you a happy and content February.

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