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Have you disciplined someone else’s kids?

Write Tribe is hosting 7 Days to Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove and today is Day 6. Today we are doing the ask a question post.

My question is – Have you disciplined someone else’s kid?

I never like to discipline other kids. Because each parent follow a different set of rules with their kids. And I believe it is a parent’s responsibility to discipline their kids. But sometimes it so happens that the parent fails or neglects to notice that their kid is misbehaving. I have stepped in very few times, only when such misbehaving affects mine or other kids around. No, I never scolded other kids. But an intervention from someone gives the misbehaved kid a perceptive, which might be all that is needed to set him/her straight. And usually I let the respective parent know about the incident.

There were times I chose not to intervene, when the kid’s parent is right there and very well aware of the disruptions they are causing. Some parents stay out of it. They never tell the kids to stop it. Which I think is wrong – such parents are actually teaching their kids to become bad. In such cases, I think it is the parents who need time out.

So what is your take on this? Have you ever disciplined other’s kids? What approach do you choose? Share with me in the comments.


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0 thoughts on “Have you disciplined someone else’s kids?

  1. I totally agree! I have been there! And sadly I have scolded too when the kids aren’t looked after by the parent and when it gets on to my nerves!! 😀 It’s sad and it should be each parent’s responsibility to discipline their child and make them behave! Thanks for the lovely question!

  2. I would wait for the parent to intervene but if they did nothing I would step in. It’s especially important to do something if the kid is being disruptive and bothering others or endangering themselves, Luckily I haven’t had to do that too much over the years, thankfully. That said, there are sure a lot of very lax parents out there letting their kids run wild, unfortunately.

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