Thursday, May 30, 2024
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How mommyhood freed my kitchen.

Motherhood has changed me a lot. Just like any other person I also, has learned, still learning a lot of new things each day.
I didn’t think of myself as an obsessive compulsive person. But to some level I am obsessive and I know it. I always arrange my kitchen the same way every time. Spoons, forks, knives, spices, sugar, salt, dishes – everything in my kitchen knows where they belong exactly. I always keep in them the same exact place, in the same exact order. I noticed this behavior of mine when I went to one of my friends house and she took the sugar jar from one rack and kept it somewhere else. Then I noticed nothing in her kitchen is assigned a special place. They are free to go anywhere, of course within the kitchen.

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This happened to all the items in my house not just the kitchen items. And I was comfortable that way – I was comfortable only when they occupied their assigned positions. I never disclosed this nature of mine with anyone.
But this behavior existed only until I had a baby. Well, I tried to follow everything the way I used to do even after the arrival of the baby. But then I was sleep deprived, exhausted  and a lot of other things a new mom goes through, which of course shifted my attention from the obsessive compulsiveness to the real priorities –  like my baby, getting some sleep, showering, that long lost solitude.
Even today the items in my kitchen knows their assigned positions but they are allowed to go around and meet others, say hi how are you. Better yet I am not irritated when they do that. I understand its okay. So what, they moved a little, they are still mine. As long as they don’t fight with each other and make more messes I think I will give a rest to my compulsive acts.


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