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I am Thankful..

December was hectic with the sickness going on and off in our family. The wet, cold weather wasn’t helping us in the slightest. By the end of the term, that was one and a half weeks ago, Kanna was so tired. Every morning he was asking,”Is it Saturday today?” When I say no, he was disappointed with sadness filling his eyes. My kid is never like that. He likes to go to school. But this term was tiring. Was it the short days or the cold bug that never wanted to leave us or just the cold weather, I am not sure.

Kanna is all set to go to school next week. He is already missing his friends too much. I just don’t want him to fall sick again. They had a play at their school as part of Christmas celebrations, ‘The Bossy King’. Kanna played the role of Donkey in the play. Kanna played the role of Donkey in the play. It was quite an achievement for the 4 year old kids. They sure amazed the parents with their skillful coordination and memorizing all the nine songs in the play. Needless to say, the school a bunch of proud parents that day. And I am so happy to say that we are one among them!

I was hit by the migraine attacks again  combined with the sinus infection, it was pretty bad. It affected my writings, pretty bad.

I am thankful for those days when I was free of headaches. I am thankful for those days which made me smile. I am so grateful for these two weeks break, it was most needed for both my kid and me. I am thankful that Kanna still loves school despite being tired. I am grateful for those moments on the bus which made him smile and laugh. I am thankful for the moments spent watching shows, just me and my husband.

Life is a mix of roses and thorns. As long as the roses are around I don’t mind the thorns.

So what is on your gratitude list?



Linking this to Gratitude Circle hosted by Corinne and Vidya.

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0 thoughts on “I am Thankful..

  1. I hope the New Year finds you and Kanna feeling better. I remember getting migraines. They are not pleasant. This was a lovely post.

  2. What a joy to be the donkey – seriously! I wonder whether he has heard the carol, ‘Little Donkey’ – it’s a great one!
    Gratitude has such a way of turning things around, doesn’t it, Vinitha? 🙂

    1. He was so proud of his role in the play. He was the only donkey in the entire play. So he had a lot of time on the stage and his name was printed on the flyer along with Joseph, Mary and The bossy King. He doesn’t know about the ‘Little Donkey’ carol. I will find it out and show him. 🙂
      Absolutely Corinne, gratitude sure does help in staying positive. 🙂 Thank you for hosting the Gratitude Circle. 🙂

  3. Hi – sounds like a hard week with migraines and sinusitis. Hope you feel better soon. Freedom from pain is always something to be grateful for. That moment when the pain dissolves and you feel pain free is sooo good, isn’t it? Sometimes pain helps one appreciate the simple things in life – feeling well. Have a wonderful 2015.

  4. It was nice to hear that your little Kannan could take part in the play though he felt sick and tired, and you too could manage to watch his play through your migraine. Small small happiness in life add up to big happiness. Wish you both great health for 2015.

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