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International Blog Delurking Week 2015

Now, I am quite late to post this post. The International Blog Delurking Week started off at the 4th of January and it ends tomorrow. First full week of the New Year is declared as International Blog Delurking Week. How do I know this? I happened to be lurking on Mel’s blog – Stirrup Queens. Click the link to know more about Delurking Week.

Using this badge created by Melissa, with her permission.


The idea is to come out of the lurking corner and say “Hi”, just to let the blogger know that you were reading the posts. You don’t have to leave an elaborate comment (but you are welcome to do so if you wish. 🙂 ) You can just say “I am here” or tell me how you started reading my blog and what you like and dislike about it or just leave a smiley and a link to visit your blog. Yeah, that’s all it takes to celebrate the Delurking Week.

We lurk because we are on a time crunch. Insufficient time makes it impossible to leave a comment on each and every post we visit, doesn’t it? I know that. I do that. If all those who reads the blog actually commented then I might be able to know how many readers I truly have. Now, isn’t that a great reason to de-lurk for just once? So leave a comment for this post just to let me know that you are here, Will you please?

Did you know about the International Delurking Week before? Share your thoughts!

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