Tuesday, October 20, 2020

International Blog Delurking Week 2019

Hello y’all,

Hope you’re having a fantastic 2019 so far. This year the week of January 7th – 13th is celebrated as International Blog Delurking Week in the blog-o-sphere.

International Blog Delurking Week 2019

That means I am keenly looking forward to read a comment from those of my readers who usually wouldn’t comment on the posts. I don’t know who you are, but I know you are here. So just for today why don’t you leave a comment in this post to tell me that you are here and make me happy in the process.

If you are unsure about what to comment, don’t worry. Once upon a time, I couldn’t see myself commenting on blog posts, let alone writing a blog. So I understand the hesitance. All I am expecting is a “Hello” or an “I’m here” or if you love my writing then go ahead and say that or if you didn’t like something you are welcome to say that, too. I know I will love it, any sort of acknowledgment from a reader, even constructive criticisms. You are always welcome to leave constructive criticisms here.

The idea is to find out how many readers are there for this blog, actually. I can unearth that mystery only if YOU are willing to help me.

Before you go let me say that I am grateful that you are here, didn’t matter you delurked or not. Thank you for reading.

So, did I convince you to delurk? Waiting…

Linking with Parul at Happinessandfood.

International Blog Delurking Week 2019
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19 thoughts on “International Blog Delurking Week 2019

    1. It’s my pleasure to have you here, Parul. You are one of my loyal readers. Can’t express how much I love you for your constant support. <3

  1. Hey Vinitha! Always a delurker here! Love to visit your blog and leave long comments too. 😉 You know me only too well, don’t you? Happy to see you join in with your post for this one. I just posted mine too. See you around and hope to see you blog more often in 2019. 🙂

    1. I love that you are here and leave such honest comments, Esha. I love reading your posts, be it the sky watch shots, wordless wednesday captures or your soulful musings. Thank you for your support, dear. 🙂 <3

  2. Hi Vinitha. I love being here at your space. Your musings, pictures and thoughtful words in the form of verses and poems are always a pleasure to read. Looking forward to read more from you in 2019. Cheers!

  3. Vinitha… I am not sure if you remember… But yours was one of the early blogs I started following 4-5 years back when I began blogging. Fell in love with your words and though I may not comment often. I follow your writing journey :))

  4. I am here! And guilty as charged. Many times, I read, but not comment. I know that hurts. I should know. I don’t get many comments either 😉 And that is why, here’s to a new start 😀 (Also, now I finally know what delurking is all about. Had no idea till I read your post 🙂 )

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