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It’s the most wonderful time..

We are half-way through December already. December is my favorite month. Well, December and November. I mentioned in an earlier post that we celebrated our 10 years of love on November. Next week we are going to celebrate 7 years of our marriage. And a week later our little boy turns 5. So yes, November and December has a special place in our lives and our hearts.

Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay

You know what I feel seeing the Xmas decorations all around the town; like the world is celebrating our special times. Yeah, I know, Christmas came first, but when I feel special I feel special, and that’s all right, isn’t it?

In Phoenix we used to drive around just to see the decorations, so wonderfully lighted, gorgeous Xmas trees and lights all over. What a wonderful time it is!! We miss the driving around part here, and the city isn’t that well lit, but the Xmas spirit is still in the air and combined with the celebrations in our life, I say we do the lighting up part by being more merry this year. 🙂

I love the Xmas songs, they just truly brighten up the mood, don’t they? The funny part is we never celebrated Christmas when we were kids, no Xmas trees, no star, no lights, no Xmas songs and no cake. Those were the times of 10 days of vacation after the Xmas exams. So we kids enjoyed having Xmas around even with no glimmering lights and trees.

Reasons may be different, but this time of the year sure brings joy around. I love to drink my hot cup of chai in the cold weather, relishing the yesterdays, looking forward for the New Year. It is the time to reflect and look back, a time to keep promises and make new resolutions, it’s the most wonderful time..



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  1. Advance wishes to you for New Year, Christmas, your anniversary and your son’s birthday. Wow. Now that’s a lot many reasons to be happy and joyful :D.

    Wish you a lovely 2015 with lots of fun and lots of blogging :).

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