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January Joys – Gratitude List

The first gratitude post of the year! My only commitment as the new year rolled in was to take care of myself. And that’s exactly what I did this month and I’m extremely grateful for that. I hope to continue doing the same in the coming days.


Personal Front

Self-care, reduce stress, take it easy – these were my mantras this month. I’d been a lot stressed out last year. Together, stress and the worthless feeling that was stalking me pushed me into a whirlwind which I can earnestly say was a disaster. I took conscious efforts to reduce stress. As always I made plans and tried to follow them to the best of my level.

When I failed I took deep breaths. I was able to convince myself that it’s okay. I found out that stress can be managed better with deep breaths and for that I’m thankful.

Once the overwhelming feeling was managed, I was able to think rationally. And I could feel the stress melting away. To think that I only approached the intruder differently to get him out of my way without throwing tantrums at me – it was a wonderful and welcoming change. I am grateful, very much so.


My friends from the blogging world. They are there always. They pay attention, listen, understand, and just be there. These people who reside in different parts of the world are there for me; isn’t that wonderful? There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for their continued and constant presence in my life.

Meeting with a blogger friend, Rubina who is also an author, for the second time was another pleasure that January witnessed. It was a surprise to find out that she lived close to my place. Like the first time we met, time flew by over our tête-à-tête. We were so engrossed in our little get together that we forgot to click a picture of us together. Well, next time!


To be honest, I didn’t blog as much as I wanted or planned. But I am happy about how it all went last month. I was actively visiting and reading blogs. Of course, I am still way behind in replying to the comments on my blogs. At least, I am able to do everything I am doing now. And for that I am grateful.


I am so happy that I am becoming a regular in staying active at least for half an hour every day. I am going to the gym when time permits — also practicing yoga every day. January began with the 30 day Yoga challenge with Yoga with Adriene, but I had to leave it midway when the little one caught sick and I was down with back pain and my routine fell apart. The weight gain despite staying active worries me though. Still, I am happy with the progress so far, as consistency was what I was aiming for.

Writing on my gratitude journal every day helped me in celebrating the little moments. In short, the first month of 2019 was filled with both perfect and imperfect moments, as it should be. I am thankful for every little moment of joy that chanced on my way.

That’s all from my end, folks. Tell me, how was your January?


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23 thoughts on “January Joys – Gratitude List

    1. Gratitude posts are a wonderful way to keep track of the past month. I do keep a gratitude journal and write on it at least 3 things I am grateful for daily. Do try it. <3

  1. Glad to read that you are keeping the promise you made to yourself, Vinitha. Learning to handle stress better and taking care of yourself are the best gifts you can give yourself. Keep it up!

    1. It’s not easy, but I’m learning to give more attention to myself and to take care of the self. Thank you, Mayuri! 🙂

  2. So so good to know that you are really taking good care of my friend, VINITHA! 🙂
    Keep it up, girl…you owe it to yourself, you know? Self-care needs to be our top priority in our busy schedules…I know, it is easier said than done, but as I always say, if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will?

    Tight hugs!

  3. Glad to hear there was more good than not-so-good in January. It must have been nice to meet Rubina. Kudos on keeping up the exercise! Hope the little one is better. And aren’t gratitude journals great? Hope you have a fabulous February!

  4. Self care matters the most and is always top of the priority list, Vinitha! Glad to read your reflective post. How wonderful you met Rubina! Writing a gratitude journal is indeed enriching! Thank you for linking up! Take care!

  5. That January sounds pretty decent. All the good boxes were ticked. I have also been exercising regularly with breaks when I wasn’t well. Jan has been a mixed bag for sure.

  6. So wonderful to hear your January has been more blessed. Working with the breath is a fantastic exercise and I have incorporated it into my life. MY WOTY is also Breath like you know.

    Exercising is so pertinent.Given my back issues,I have also started doing back and other stretches every morning, and I already feel so much more better. Keep up at it Vinitha.
    You have yourself a fabulous February of blessings and beauty all around you.

  7. Your takeaways are what make this post special. As long as one is feeling mentally upbeat ad optimistic, that’s all that matters. Tough luck on the yoga challenge. Hope you got back to it. The weight is difficult to get off but consistency is the only way to do it – in exercise as well as diet. Glad you could meet up with friends. That’s what keeps us going. Hope the rest of the year is just as full of happy things for you.

  8. First of all, I have to tell you your blog is looking fab. It is the soothing to the eyes. The header image is perfect. It feels cosy here 🙂
    I am so happy to read you have had a wonderful January. You were able to indulge in self-care and were able to incorporate exercises in your schedule. It has been 5 years and the coincidences of similarities never cease between us. I too started yoga with Adriene in January hoping to stick to it for the whole month. But I gave it up after 2 days. She talks a lot I feel and her poses are tough for an obese person to do. Yes, I am back to obese after a good 2017. Weighty issues? Will there be ever a respite from those? I am now looking forward to February with cutting down sugar (and chocolates and ice vreams and custards 😀 ) and doing half an hour of yoga by myself as much as I can do. The promise is to stay consistent.
    Blogging friends are a big support group and the fact they are spread around the world, across time zones means 24 hours tele-support available 🙂 I can make out meeting up with Rubina must have been a joyful experience because there are only 2 reasons why people forget to click pictures of their meeting. One of them is what you have mentioned. Wishing you a contentful February.

  9. Aha! You met Rubina! That’s wonderful. I can imagine the no-picture clicking scenario… have happened with me so many times too. 😀 Glad that the month has been good for you on many fronts. Keep taking deep breaths and keep smiling all through February too! Cheers!

  10. So so happy to read your gratitude post, Vinitha! You’ve been fantastic with the way you’ve set out your self-care routine for this year. I love that steely resolve you have with which you wish to take on 2019! How is the little one doing now? As a mom, I can totally understand why so many plans that we set to follow never really take off or meet with stumbling blocks because kids fall sick all the time. That 30-minute fitness schedule is all you need to follow and aim to keep the writing and the blogging as and when time permits. You know you can do it. But, never at the sake of your health. Wishing you a fabulous February, dear Vinitha. Bet, your confident self will come shining through, this month too! Love n hugs <3

  11. Meeting a like minded blogger friend is always something to look forward to – cherish the connection Vini!! Its good to see you being so positive and upbeat in keeping to your goals of self care. More power to this self love – it will definitely help you blossom more!

    Wish you a love filled february!!

  12. Your January sounds like it was pretty good! 30-minutes of exercise every day is something that I need to incorporate too. I’m just such a slacker when it comes to exercise!

  13. Last year, I was scared to write any gratitude posts because i was just in such a negative place in my life… this year, Ive taken baby steps writing things down in a diary… slowly have to get the courage to write online about the positive moments

  14. 2019 has been rocky so far. I am really grateful for having a wonderful family and friends who are always there to share both happiness and sorrow. I haven’t managed to blog much either but I am hoping Feb is another story. Staying active is a great thing. I am hoping to hit the gym from tomorrow. Let’s see.

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