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July Gratitude List – Grateful for trying new things

Gratitude for a month of trying new things

I am so happy and overwhelmed with gratitude that I had a month like July. It was the month where I tried many new things. On the 1st of July 2019, I released my book, Void Thoughts a collection of poems, on Amazon through Kindle Self publishing. A couple of weeks later I launched my podcast channel, Reflecting Void Thoughts. Then I worked toward launching my Youtube channel which I did launch in the first week of August.

Gratitude List -July

So you see, it was a busy month with so many different projects. And I am happy that I am actually doing it rather than dreaming about it as I normally do. Naturally, I am grateful to me for taking the necessary steps to help achieve my goals. Trust me it wasn’t an easy task to convince myself to keep going. 🙂

Then there were problems, too. I was tired a lot and the back pain made its appearance back. I couldn’t move that well for a couple of days. By taking a lot of rest whenever I could and by reducing picking up my little one, I was able to stand up straight after a week. And a week later my pain reduced. Now I am pain-free. I am so grateful for yoga, walking and taking it slow, along with my helpful husband and the elder one who made my recovery possible.

My 5 am routine came to a halt because of these and I am still not back on track. Though I miss practicing yoga and writing morning pages in the morning, I am doing it later in the day when I find the time. It’s a reminder that we need to adjust our expectations according to the situation and adjusting doesn’t always mean compromising. I feel happy that I’m able to do the things which I do.

Here is my gratitude list for July:

⭐️Publishing my poetry book.

⭐️It was the last month of Kanna’s summer holidays. Spending time with him, celebrating “lazy Tuesday” – we didn’t do anything on Tuesdays but enjoyed spending time watching and playing, reading books, playing video games – for his sake I played Minecraft and avengers game with him. My work piled up but sometimes it’s better to put off work and enjoy our time with our kids.

⭐️July 4th – driving around and watching fireworks in the night.

⭐️Organizing my workspace and closet.

⭐️Spending time with new friends.

⭐️Connecting with old friends.

⭐️ Blogging – comments, interactions, and connections.

⭐️Watching the cricket match as a family.

⭐️Getting to experience the tug of war between my excitement and fear as I was stepping out of my comfort zone and trying out new things.

⭐️Reading – time and book come together for those who want to read.

⭐️ Resting whenever I needed it.

⭐️Helpful family.

⭐️ Learning new things – learning how to host and publish a podcast, learning how to edit a video and upload it on Youtube. Do visit my channel and leave your feedback. I am pretty new at this and can do with your feedback and support.

⭐️Staying on track though I fall off quite often.

⭐️Taking care of myself.

⭐️Feeling okay even when I was not.

⭐️ Going to the arcade and having fun.

⭐️ Writing my gratitude journal and feeling the necessity to do that without fail.

Click this link to buy my book from

Click this link to buy my book from

Last month I made my dream come true. The gratification I feel as a result is inexpressible through words. I am glad that I took the plunge and published my book, though I believe that it wasn’t my best work. Because sometimes we need to pave the road to bring our dreams to life and perfectionism have no room where dreams come alive. Right?

How was your July? Do share in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “July Gratitude List – Grateful for trying new things

  1. Wow! You are on a roll, Vinitha! Kindle book, Podcast and YouTube channel!! This is so awesome and cool on so many levels. So wonderful to know that you have stepped outside and your comfort zone and explored so many new things! Congratulations! Here’s wishing you an equally enriching and creative August!

  2. I am SO very happy for you, Vinitha. What an absolutely fulfilling July 🙂 Congrats on the book publication and the podcast and the YouTube launch. Subscribed to the YouTube channel. Am sure Gy will find it interesting 🙂

    Here’s hoping August has been equally fulfilling and wishing you love for a wonderful month ahead.

  3. Hey, congratulations, Vini!! I am so happy to hear about your YouTube channel! Great going!
    I am glad you are getting out of your comfort zone, VIni. It’s so needed to feel good about ourselves, to experience something new and realise how it helps us better our life.
    happy for your July. DO take good care of your health, Vini. That backache is such a thing, I tell you. Lifting your little one must have harmed it, as it harmed me when I used to bend down to help Chikoo stand up (in his last year). Continue with Yoga and be gentle while exercising, too.

    Hope your August is turning out fine, too!

    1. Thanks Shilpa! My problem is that my head is filled with ideas, but executing them is a whole different game. Sometimes I am lazy, but most of the times I stop because of fear. I just thought I will launch to get me out of that inertia and will see where it takes me.
      Yes, back pain is a problem. I’m trying my level best not to strain my back.

  4. Oh backpain can be such a showstopper. I am glad you are feeling better. I feel like yoga has made a major change in my lifestyle 😊 keep going.

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