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Kanna Strikes again

“Amma, I want to get married.”

“You can get married when you are a big boy like Acha(dad). See, you are so little now. I have to drop and pick up you at the school. When you grow big and start going to work like Acha all by yourself then you can get married.”

“But Amma, you used drop and pick up Acha when we were in Phoenix. Remember?”

I was the designated driver of the house then. He was right.

“So, can I marry now?”

“But you are still small. I was dropping Acha at work and you are only going to school.”

“But Mom, Acha goes to school sometimes.” Referring to the training sessions he attended in the past year. Kanna was told that his dad went to a school at that time, our fault. Little did we know that he will present these instances later as his right to get married when he is barely 5.

“So, Amma, Can I please get married now?”

“Ok, If you must! ” A defeated me said meekly.


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15 thoughts on “Kanna Strikes again

  1. When I will have kids and they will ask questions like How was i Born? from where did I born? I dont know how will I deal with them lol… I remember as a child, i used to ask these type of questions to mother..

    1. You will deal with all of the parenting challenges when you become a parent, Raman. One has to. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.. 🙂

    1. I don’t think so Uma. (Your name is Uma, right? Sorry, if I am mistaken)
      Somehow he got the idea of getting married. And constantly asks me about our marriage. And yes, once he asked me to marry him.. 🙂

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