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Soulful Sunday
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Let it go #SoulfulSunday

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”


It’s normal to feel angry. But holding on to anger – that’s a different matter. 

Sometimes I feel this incredible anger from within. And often it is directed at someone else, originated from some undesirable memory. I’m not saying this with pride. That kind of anger is destructive. I find myself weak when consumed with that rage. 

I know forgiving would make everything easier. And I was under the impression that I had forgiven. But when forgiveness was never asked for then would there be any effect? 

I realized that the simple act of forgiveness isn’t enough unless it was asked for. Then how will I get peace? 

Because this anger is not who I am. And this anger is destroying me bit by bit. 

So I found an alternative. Since I wanted closure, I decided to write a letter to the “culprits” blaming them, accusing them, talking about everything that I kept stashed inside my mind, and finally ending the letter with my forgiveness.

That’s how I let it go.

Because I can’t wait forever for others to face their conscience. If I need peace I must let go. I can’t let those people who didn’t even have the sense to say sorry for being such a bad character in someone’s life destroy my peace forever. 

Oh, and I don’t send those letters to anyone. It’s for the trash can. That’s where soulless people belong. 

This exercise has helped me from unwanted memories destroying my sanity. How do you deal with your residual anger? How do you make peace with it? 

Written for #SoulfulSunday, an exercise to nourish our creative side, formulated by Esha and supported by Shilpa and yours truly.

Soulful Sunday
Soulful Sunday

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5 thoughts on “Let it go #SoulfulSunday

  1. Hugs, first and foremost, dear Vinitha! I can totally understand your predicament. I think you came up with a great idea to douse that anger waiting to leap out like a giant inferno.So good that you were able to think straight through it all and come up with such a unique way of tackling the demons that were threatening your peace. I’m stealing your fab idea of dumping unwanted memories and soul-less people into the trash can. I think writing the pain away becomes the biggest source of inspiration fro people and you just did that and showed why it’s important to let go for one’s own mental well being and peace. Loved this brutally honest post from you, today, Vinitha. <3

  2. Vini, I remember you asking me to do the same sometime back. And, I think I am going to follow you,soon. it does seem like a great idea. Holding on to anger only adds to our stress and leads to depression and frustration that eats away at our peace of mind. And, that is not something we need!
    Thanks for this wonderful solution to a lifelong issue. <3

  3. I have seen from close quarters how anger eats up the physical body, bit by bit, organ by organ. So I know the futility of holding onto anger and at the same time I also understand how tough can it be to let go of anger when there are too many hurts to deal with and when the self holds a certain person or people responsible for hurting us. I like your idea of writing down your pent-up anger on a piece of paper and then trashing it to give yourself the freedom. More power to you, Vinitha.

  4. That is a fantastic idea to dump them in the trash where they belong. I have a tendency to forget the lessons that the anger has taught me. So I now write them in a journal. But I guess the ultimate aim is to toss that journal in the trash someday.

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