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Let it out! #MondayMusings

Yesterday I watched the Hindi movie, Dear Zindagi. I liked it. There was a scene when the actress cried profusely while talking to her therapist about a traumatic incident from her childhood.  The doctor encourages her to cry saying that, “if you won’t cry wholeheartedly how can you laugh wholeheartedly.

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It made perfect sense to me.
All we hear is don’t cry, wipe those tears, etc. Why should we hold back tears when we are sad? Shouldn’t we just let it out instead of suffocating those tears inside which in turn suffocates us?
As for me, I don’t cry much in front of people. Over the years I have learned to cry in private to my heart’s content. Yet, it is hard to shed tears easily, unless the pain starts to attack every inch of my being. Sometimes I wish to cry without the fear of judgment, without someone saying don’t. Sometimes I wish to cry like it is the end of everything. When I do cry and if someone says to let it all out, for me that would be the beginning of something adventurous.

Have you ever cried and found calmness afterward?

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Vinitha Dileep

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17 thoughts on “Let it out! #MondayMusings

  1. Oh wow! That just blew my mind. Because we do try so hard to rush through crying when we do it at all. But no one rushes through laughing.

  2. There have been times when I’ve literally cried my heart out, Vinita, and felt so much better for it. Now I have less and less occasion to cry, but I still believe there’s nothing like a good cry to make you feel better!

    1. That’s great that you have less occasions to make you cry, Corinne. I agree, crying your heart out will make you feel better.

  3. I’m very emotional so crying has been my way of letting out emotions – when happy or sad. Crying sure makes me feel relieved and other than Som times when I cried unexpectedly, I’m okay with letting out my feelings this way.

  4. Vinitha, i completely agree with you. I cried many times and found calmness and peace. It is one way for me to let my anger or pain out.

  5. Reminded me of a quote that said those who cry To sleep, wake up stronger. Emotions shouldn’t be pent up, they need to find a proper outlet. I can totally feel your post 🙂

  6. ‘Cry’ is a natural process which in no way should we keep behind the mask of ‘Control’.As you said Vinita,I too wonder why people say,” Don’t cry others are watching.” Is it an unaccepted act like burglary? Our body constitution is to dissolve and flow our sorrows in tears.Then why should we shut our tears in the heart itself.

    Good quote and good thought.

  7. Crying comes naturally to me. He he, its my self-calming instrument. I believe we should let the emotions flow out rather than hiding it inside.

  8. Oh yes, I both cry and laugh out… cant help it – whether in private or in public. And it does feel great- afterwards 🙂 Great one Vinitha:-) hugs

  9. Oh yes, many a times. And I generally cry when I am alone, which is almost always, so I let it all out and bawl like a baby till I feel calm and peaceful. Earlier, I would hold on to Chikoo and let it all out, now I am going to have a tough time. Chikoo never judged me or admonished me for being a sissy. And, hubby is never gong to understand why I need to cry so much; a little bit of tears is okay,but, why the deluge? is what he will wonder. But, it’s really therapeutic crying out loud, when you are all alone…the storm dies down and there’s no one around to stop you from doing it, or lecturing you to do otherwise.
    So, Vini, just go ahead and cry your heart out whenever you feel like it.
    Hugs to you, dearie!

  10. yes I tend to feel much better after a good cry! More so if I’m not alone and someone can give me a hug after. It feels so good to let it all out and not keep it all bottled inside.

    1. Yes, bottling in will lead to disaster sooner or later. Crying is therapeutic, of course. 😀

  11. Take any emotion right.. if you can’t express yourself completely with your whole heart, it is fake and has no meaning! Great writing!! I love your thoughts and would like to read more!! 😉

    1. A bunch of actors we are, right Rohini? Especially if it is about our pain we are talking about. 😉

      1. We are!!! It is so interesting how much we act in our daily lives!! Is it because we can’t be ourselves in front of others?? we can’t be our real selves and show anyone our true self??

  12. As part of one of the therapies I practice, we do tell clients that we must feel all the uncomfortable feelings like sadness, worry, anger in order to experience the comfortable ones like happiness, joy, love… we need to accept all emotions are okay. One of my favourite movies is Inside Out which depicts this perfectly! I’m okay with crying but sometimes, I do wonder if I cry too much!

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