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Lets put an end to classroom hunger!

Have you been hungry ever? I am not talking about the kind of hunger which strikes at 12 O’clock every afternoon, the kind which can be satisfied in moments we open that box of lunch or the kind which increases as we step into the restaurant knowing that we are in for a treat. I am talking about the kind of hunger which eats you from inside, which can never be satiated, which brings out the worse in you – have you ever been there? I haven’t, so I don’t know how difficult it is to live in such a condition where the value of food is more than anything, anything!

I can’t thank enough for being able to feed myself every day without having to sacrifice something equally important. In this rat race of life we often forget the importance of a nutritious meal. We often waste the luxury called food. But aren’t we aware of the less fortune who barely eats one full meal a day? There are mothers who serves their kids with half a ‘roti’ and drinks just water to satisfy their hunger. There are kids who eats happily that half a piece of roti with no complaints rather thankful for having that little piece. Think about sharing our one meal with them? How happy they would be to eat just one full meal a day?

For them food is the most important thing, not the designer clothes, not the cars, not hygiene, not even education. And who can blame them? Learning letters and words is not going to appease hunger. They are forced to pick up jobs at tender ages to feed themselves.


Isn’t it time that we did our part in educating the little souls and eradicating hunger from their lives. AkshayaPatra is an organization that provides Mid Day Meals to children in school. Blogadda has teamed up with AkshayaPatra to drive classroom hunger away. This blog post will feed a child for an entire year, as part of  Bloggers Social Responsibility. If you can’t write a blog post, you can help AkshayaPatra in sponsoring meals to children by donating here. You can find more details by clicking the link.

I am sure that both the parents and kids will opt for a class room that gives both education and a meal. India will see less child labors in future this way. Let us put more kids in the school by providing them one square meal.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.



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0 thoughts on “Lets put an end to classroom hunger!

  1. A Socially relevant post, Vinitha …

    I used to contribute to Akshyapatra when I was in Bangalore and I know they are doing a great work.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post, have a beautiful day ahead 🙂

  2. That kind of hunger thrills me to imagine.. There are still millions, millions.. I ll also contribute to the noble cause. Thanks for the post that is beneficial for the society too

  3. Kudos to BlogAdda for joining hands with Akshaya Patra to end classroom hunger. It is a noble cause, helping millions of young children, helping them to grow and learn!

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