Friday, July 19, 2024

#MicroblogMondays 10: Where Are You Online?

Of course, my favorite hang out place on the internet are my blogs. You will find either here or at Void Thoughts. I check Facebook regularly, at least  three times a day if I haven’t got absorbed in reading either blogs or the book in my hand.

Nowadays, I frequent at google plus too. I wasn’t a fan google plus until few months back. Honestly I didn’t know how to use it properly and I never tried also. But with blogging more often, I find google plus is the best social platform to share mine and to find and read other blogs too. I have a feeling that I am getting more readers from google plus than facebook.

I am also trying to use twitter more these days. Twitter is a great media to find the likely minds.

I think that’s about it. Now that you know where to find me, tell me which is your favorite one?


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0 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays 10: Where Are You Online?

    1. I have an Instagram account but I am not active there at all. I do not like FB for the most part, but it’s easy to find people there, most of my friends and family are there. With the suggested posts and stuff, FB is overwhelming, you are right. 🙂

  1. Most people end up at Facebook by default simply because everyone else is there!
    My favorite place is my email inbox which also supports instant messaging (Chat) and that’s where my friends find me. Added bonus is the Google + alerts!

    And that’s how we connected, right? 🙂

    1. Yeah, the main reason I am in FaceBook is because as you said everyone else is there. 🙂 I am experiencing the potential of Google plus only recently. And I’m glad that I started using Google plus, the connections I got from there are simply awesome, I mean you ;). <3

  2. You know, I want to get into Google+ because it’s definitely more my speed, and I think, visually, it’s pretty. But I haven’t gotten into a good habit in that space yet.

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