Friday, August 07, 2020
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#MicroblogMondays 12: The First Time

For this week’s microblog mondays, Mel is talking about first time with a book. In her own words “What book are you happy you read but sad that you’ll never again get to have a first-read experience of that book? (Even if you know that it gets better and better with each read.) 

I wrote about my favorite books only a couple of days ago. As much as I enjoy reading Poems of Emily Dickinson, I am never sad when I am finished, not now, not after the first time either.

But yeah, with Harry Potter it was a whole different story. I loved it while reading, especially the first time and I felt at loss when I was done with it. After finishing up each book, I didn’t have time to think about such feeling because I was in a hurry to catch up with what happened next. But then came the 7th book, the last one, and by the end of it I was sad that I hurried to read all of it so quickly.

Of course, I re-read them again, but it isn’t as special as the first time. That being said, it isn’t going to stop me from reading those books again. 🙂

Do you have any such books?

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  1. See, that’s the thing. I do love re-reading books. There are books I end up re-reading yearly. But there is something about knowing I only have one more Harry Potter book with the twins to hold as a “first time” experience. I’ve read it, but they haven’t.

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