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#MicroblogMondays – Avoiding Confrontation?

I find it difficult to deal with confrontations. I am okay if I have a very good relation with the person. But if not I find it really hard. What’s even more difficult is if I just leave the matter without confrontation. Now that’s against my principle. So either way I will be an emotional wreck.

But then sometimes we need to put our doubts behind and just go for it, right? And when I do that, however difficult it was to speak up my mind, it feels great afterwards.

Have you been in such situations? What would be your approach?

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14 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays – Avoiding Confrontation?

  1. It is the same with me….never easy. I would consider the age and closeness while getting ready for confrontation like I might confront my brother or my husband but never with my in-laws or my parents. With friends I let it go unless it becomes a habit with a particular friend. With people I know remotely know for eg the ladies who come to pick up their children when they come back from school or with husband’s colleagues’ wives, I choose to move away from such people. Being a quiet person with less words to say also helps.

  2. I have come across such situations. I feel it better to confront than to keep it in mind. Be it my boss, friend, colleague, I hv spoken my mind and it feels better to confront them straight away!

  3. I identify with this so much, I shy away from confrontation and that eats me up. Confrontation is hard but necessary sometimes and I guess the best way is just to face it.

    1. That’s another way of living and very helpful, if the situation won’t get under your skin. 🙂

  4. OMG! Just got off a confrontational call 🙂
    If something’s bothering me, I cannot keep it to myself. The confrontation by itself is very taxing and raises my BP but I cannot rest without speaking up. I wish I could 🙁

  5. Confrontation create a fight or flight response, and it is difficult to know which one will rise to the surface. I believe my proclivity is is choose flight if possible, but if “cornered,” whether in a committee meeting or meeting someone for coffee, I will immediately escalate, and escalate the confrontation along with dropping my civil filters. How much this to do with my bipolar / anxiety disorders I don’t know, but I have had to work and struggle with dealing with confrontations, and just as important jumping to the conclusion there is a confrontation regardless of whether there is actually one.

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