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#MicroblogMondays – Because I’m 5 now!

Kanna celebrated his 5th birthday less than three weeks ago. He was very excited that his birthday was coming up. We thought once the birthday is done, the excitement will get settled and shelved in for the next year.

After the birthday, every sentence of his is followed by “Because I am 5 now!” 5 is some big milestone as far as he is concerned. The other day while we were walking towards his school in the morning, he started running and I called out not to run because its slippery, he announced “but I am 5 now”! Most of his “I am 5” replies doesn’t make sense to the listeners but it all makes sense to Kanna.

I was talking to my husband about his excitement and exclaimed, “I don’t remember if we were this excited when we turned 5!” To this my 5-year-old replied, “How will you remember that? That was ages ago!”

I still wonder what is happening here!

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0 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays – Because I’m 5 now!

  1. So cute! I actually do remember 5 a little (it was the year my brother was born, so I have a signpost) but I think it was fun!

  2. I love this! I need to find a similar response to answer any silly questions I get in my life! “Why are/aren’t you doing this?” “Because I am 40 now!”

  3. Tell me about it. Everytime they grow a year – that number resonates the whole year. My son just turned 7.. and every day I hear only one thing…. I can do it.. i am seven. It makes us so proud right ? The little ones growing up. And he is right you know.. we were 7 ages ago.. great perception 😀

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