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#MicroblogMondays : Celebrity Crush


Now this is an area where I can’t boast off, because I never had any celebrity crush! Not when I was little, not when I was growing up, not even now.

During my school/college days all my friends were madly in love with the Bollywood film stars. I tried to join them but never had that kind of spark in me. Though I liked when they used to boast off about their favorite stars, I couldn’t join in and be one among them – the one with a major crush ruling the heart, Never! Two of my best friends used to fight over Hrithik Roshan, which made me feel like what’s wrong with them.  I liked Rahul Dravid, but not in a ‘crushy’ way. I remember one of my friends called me Dravid and I snapped at her. But I do/did have crushes in real life. 🙂

I am absolutely okay with not having a celebrity crush. Do you think it’s normal?

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0 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays : Celebrity Crush

  1. In my school days, I liked Aamir khan but it was nothing like crush, nothing compared to the other girls’ love for Shah Rukh Khan. With reaching higher classes, entrance exams, college, there was never any time for celebrity worship. Though now, with lots of free dreaming time, I develop crushes but I dont stay loyal for long. The list is long – Tom Hanks, Rob Pattinson, Fawad Khan, Shahid Kapoor and so on.

  2. Totally normal 🙂 Crushes in real life would be ultimately more satisfying. But also more work. I never have to worry about running into my celebrity crushes.

    1. I haven’t acted upon my real life crushes, Mel. And I do enjoy running into them 🙂 Glad that they don’t know about the crush!! ;). It’s really a treat to have you here, Mel!

    1. This was my first time at microblog monday. I missed this week. Will join in next monday. It is fun. Thank you for stopping by, Shail! 🙂

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