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#MicroblogMondays – Do you ask stupid questions?

Why do people ask stupid questions? If the answer is to get stupid answers, then well, you earned it, I say.

Today morning I had such an encounter. Today, being my birthday, I was in elevated spirits and that was brought down by, yes you guessed it right, stupid questions.

So, this guy, an old friend, sent a chat in Facebook asking how are you and the likes. As the chat progressed it went like this:

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Are you carrying?  I answered, No. (What??!! No one has ever asked me this question directly. Mind you, this came after the “is there any new news with you” question. Clearly, the answer “No” didn’t suffice.)

Got job?  – Answered the obvious, No. (The depressing question I have been answering since my wedding. 7 and a half years its been since I left my job and my career. In a million lives you will not understand the trauma you are subjecting me to with this simple question. All I want to reply is, shut the hell out and get lost; I reply no, feeling guilty for not having a job.)

Enjoying days and nights? – Well, I write on my blogs and I shared the links to the blog sites as proof. He was clearly confused seeing those and didn’t hide his surprise which came as a mingle of “you are talented!” and “you kidding me?” comments. (Why such surprise I always wonder?)

How many kids do you have 2 or 3? – One, I answered. (Yeah, I understand, friends lose track of each other and might not be up to date with the count of friends kids. But I wasn’t impressed with the 2 or 3 there.)

You have 1, 2, 3 or 4 kids?  – Why are you asking the same questions again and again? I have just one kid. (A jobless housewife, who enjoys days and nights and kids herself as a writer with blogs, must have to have a minimum number of kids. One is way less!!)

It’s been more than a year since I saw any of your updates and you looked like you are carrying in a recent photo. –  Don’t you have intelligence of any sort to interpret at all? (Way to go my friend! When some one tells you that she is not carrying, it means she is not carrying. How many times it need to be spelled out? The Phd you are doing now is in a lot of trouble, no doubt.)

So cooking done? – (This doesn’t even need a response. What else do I have to do, other than cooking, enjoying days and nights and procreating!)

And there goes the so called friend with stupid and dumb questions. I did not even check the rest of my chat to see what more stupidity he filled my inbox with!

If you are someone’s friend, please knock some sense into you before bombarding anyone with stupid questions, especially the “baby” ones. Not cool bro, not cool.

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34 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays – Do you ask stupid questions?

  1. Hahahhaha!!!

    Its interesting if you notice how many people repeat the same questions in different ways. I think they have nothing to ask or cannot make an intelligent conversation and thus, end up blabbering. It’ s like those questions where they ask first – How are you? And then follow it up with Hope you are okay! well, did u want the answer for the first question. I , sometimes, think they are not looking for an answer. They just want to talk. So let them!

    1. I agree, they just want to talk – nonsense or insensitive- they don’t care. Probably they don’t have the sense to differentiate between a senseless conversation and a normal one!

    1. Being stupid is one thing, but being insensitive, that too endlessly, now that is an unforgivable crime which needs to be treated immediately, with an iron pan to the head or shock treatment, whichever is available easily. 🙂

  2. I agree with Sid. A virtual pan at least is much needed, as I have found people to behave way more irresponsibly over the web than in person. Don’t let such nutcases ruin your special day. Ignore, block, delete. 🙂

    1. Yes, web is becoming dangerous as people choose to let the insensitiveness out of them without fear here in the Web. Great mantra, ignore, block, delete.

  3. Oh gosh! like he did ask you all his? Horrible and a whack from my side too!
    An old friend once told me that now (as he is 30+), he wants to gets married and start a family. He said this is what life is all about and I was like “Is this your aim in life?” Dude, get a life! 😛

  4. I am surprised you even carried on talking after that “carrying” comment … That’s is so rude and insensitive… not even friends ask like that!! sometimes I am asked “So you enjoying a lot?” I reply with Hell yeah!! … well they asked for it so I just rub it in a little more.

    1. People! I mean, insensitive people! I thought after the first question he will stop, hence continued to talk. I didn’t know that he transformed into the Jerk Of The Century without any warning.

  5. First up… happy birthday!

    Someone needs to invent a stupidity meter for conversations and when they cross a threshold, the score needs to be flashed at the person… this was ridiculous! funny yes, but I can imagine you fuming…

  6. First of all Many Happy returns of the day Vinitha…And then forget about such people…

    People don’t know where to draw the line..

    Are you pregnant?
    What is your salary?
    What is your age?
    What rubbish, haven’t people been taught how to speak?

  7. Hahaha! But, seriously, Vini, that is how people are. At least some of them. No, actually, many of them! Stupidity runs in their veins!

  8. Gosh! Some people are such moronic pests! Hope you had a great day and didnt let such silly and stupid questions mar your celebrations. Cheers!

  9. Just shows how insensitive people are at times and I can tell you we’ve all suffered likewise, some time or the other. Please have no qualms to block them out, as soon as you can see which way the conversation is going. Period.

  10. Hahaha! I encountered an almost similar conversation recently. “Are you pregnant? (yes, it was a direct Q)”, “You look fat in your pics!”, “He is gone? How are you surviving? Why dont you join him? Don’t you think family is important? Don’t you think it’s high time you have a baby?” And I don’t want to mention the rest!!
    Hate it when old friends try to ‘just catch up’!

  11. Happy Birthday Vinitha!
    How absolutely stupid to ask such silly questions? He probably also wants to know your weight and how many rooms in your house! One way to counter – ask a similar silly question and while he is fumbling to answer, ask some more. Hehehe Tit for Tat!

    1. I know, very silly!! I believe that his main intention was to tell me that I look fat. Other wise who will ask are carrying for the nth time!

  12. Hahaha.. This was fun to read.. Seriously.. But such conversations with old friends is seriously a big turn off!!
    I remember, when I got married and wasn’t working for sometime, how I hated that question about what do I do all day?! It’s like making things worse for the person who is already jobless and then this endless bickering..

    Belated happy birthday to you dear 🙂 And writing and reading, that too takes up lot if time and is indeed a wonderful job that can be done at home 🙂


  13. Not cool at all! First and foremost, happy birthday. But someone needs to coach your friend in question asking 🙂

  14. Hope your birthday was happy despite the stupid questions. I agree about the stupid questions but the dumbest ones I’ve heard are someone asking me “Cut your hair?” when I’m obviously returning home from the hair dressers , “Going out?” when I’m in the lift or “Waiting for the bus?” when I’m at the bus stop

  15. He is no longer a friend, just an acquaintance now 🙂 Right? How could he ask all those personal questions? Still can’t believe anyone could be so dense.

  16. I expect he thought he was being polite. In his mind, who could possibly object to repeatedly being asked inane questions and told their photo looks fat, right?! What a numpty. Smile, forgive, ignore in future..? Happy birthday!

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