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#MicroblogMondays – Moments of despair and joy

Yesterday we went to a mall not so far from where we live. There were huge decorations everywhere. With Christmas just a month away decorations is a must and the crowd, oh, that was huge. Streets were filled with stalls of different kinds – food, drinks, clothes, scarves, hats, and there were people dressed up in different costumes too. And there were huge gatherings all over the street. It was very festive altogether.

And yeah, it was cold, very cold. My eyes were flooding as I couldn’t withstand the freezing cold. Even though I was wearing a coat, boots, scarf, and sweater, nothing could keep the strong, cold wind away from me. In that moment, I couldn’t help but think about the refugees struggling in different parts of the world. They are in the streets, with makeshift beds, tents for houses if they are fortunate enough. They are literally braving this cold weather. And they include little kids. And they include parents just like me. I felt that I am lucky that I am not one among the refugees. God knows that any of us could end up in the street just like those thousands of humans. It takes nothing but a twisted mind to spread chaos in perfectly normal lives. I feel helpless while many people are out there with nowhere else to go.I can’t stop myself from saying thanks to the God for keeping me and my family safe.

There are times when I feel that nothing is alright. But then there are those other times which shows me how blessed I am. Like yesterday, Kanna was talking about the countries he loves – America, England, China, India and Dubai. He was born in the US and spent four years there. Naturally, he has developed a liking for the country. We are living in the England now and one must love the country one lives in. China, of course for the Chinese food. That definitely cracked me up. 🙂 India, our rest of the family is living there. Dubai, because his Aunt and family live there. He told that he likes any country where a piece of his family lives. In his own way, he relates to different parts of the world. The barriers which the world generally go by is insignificant in his mind, and I believe it’s the same with every other kid, until we, the adults, saw the seeds of divisions and differences. I am truly grateful for my kid. His wisdom and innocence brighten any cloudy day for me.

Life isn’t perfect, but I would settle down for these little joys. After all, these little drops of happiness make life perfect!

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31 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays – Moments of despair and joy

    1. Yes Alok, small things that we overlook build a happy life. 🙂 I am happy that you liked the post. 🙂 Thanks Alok.

  1. I can identify with your thoughts about how the freezing cold affects us when we have all the means to keep us warm and then there are the Syrian refugees who are going through hardships to keep themselves alive. My mind somedays swaps my current living circumstances with them and it gives me shudders, making me all the more grateful with what I have. And then we have our kids whose innonence keep our hearts filled and smiles intact.

    1. Right Anamika. I recently read an article on the kids sleeping at night in the midst of the crisis. It’s heartbreaking. I can’t imagine my kid in such a circumstance. And these kids, they are let to deal with it just like that. It is not fair.

  2. Its always good to count our blessings. I wish, there was a better way for the refugees. Sometimes, I wonder how it must feel to run away from our own home.

    1. Why they are still suffering when a lot of us are feeling this way! Watching this from the security of our homes fills our heart with pain. How terribly aching they must be, physically and emotionally! Yes, we must be grateful and count our blessings, over and over!

  3. It is always heart-breaking to see street people without even the basics, especially in freezing weather. Each year, we pool in all our extra warm clothes and sheets and distribute them in our area. I wonder if there’s something similar possible where you live.
    Family makes a big difference by its presence – how sweet of Kanna to decide his favorite places via family! Thank you for joining us for MondayMusings, Vineetha!

    1. Yes Vidya, they do collect warm clothes, blankets, etc here and we donate too. 🙂
      Kanna does liven up our lives in his own ways. 🙂 Thank you for visiting, Vidya. 🙂

  4. So beautifully you brought out that we must be grateful for everything we have. We are surely amongst the blessed lot of the world.

  5. The hardships that the refugees go through is beyond my imagination. I don’t know what I can do about it, except pray for them, and that I do. You are right, we should count our blessings, and be thankful for all the little joys in our lives.

    1. Yes, Shantala. Praying helps, I hope. And the fact that we are not one among those who is stirring up such chaos, is a great relief too. Whatever little or big joys we have, the value of it is immense now, right?

  6. That last line – After all, these little drops of happiness make life perfect! – really sums it up.
    As for the home, it really is where we all are; and I guess we do leave back little parts of us every time we stay in a new place 🙂

  7. Aww! how sweet that Kanna is relating to countries like that. You are right about being grateful with the things around us. I was in NY one winters for 2 weeks and when we used to step out – I had no sensation on my face cos that was the only one facing the chills. Winters are harsh up there. Stay warm and take care.

  8. Loved this, Vinitha. It’s amazing how much children can teach us about how the world should be viewed. As I was reading this, I thought that God must feel the same as Kanna – except that His family is so much larger and widespread.

  9. It really saddens when people have nowhere to go while the rest are enjoying the festive mood. I have observed in India how the lesser mortals try to find happiness even when the odds are stacked against them.

  10. Really sad about the refugees the world over. Hope hoping and praying that the crisis gets over and peace and happiness prevails for those out of their homes! Loved Kanna’s thoughts… children are so pure and innocent!

  11. Yes, I think about the refugees all the time when I step outside into the cold and realize how terrifying it out be to navigate this world without a home, without a place anchoring you.

  12. Yes, it’s wonderful to find joy in the small things, especially when we’re feeling down. Your son has such a fantastic world view already. What a great education he is getting, experiencing different countries and cultures.

  13. How kids teach us the true meaning of life! Growing up spoils all of it. Its true that we need to count our blessings, even the smallest of them. And when you read and hear about these ghastly stories, one has all the more reason to be thankful for every single peaceful day he has lived. Well-written Vinitha!
    Hop on to my blog for your Liebster dear, it shall be a pleasure.

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