Thursday, May 26, 2022
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I am upset today, for the last few days actually. I usually try to be positive even in the most adverse of situations. I have been like that since, forever. I find it easier to get through tough situations by staying positive. But then there are certain things in life that no one can change. Certain things in life are a given. Adjusting, understanding, changing perceptions, compartmentalizing, etc. are required in various measures to accommodate those things which must stay in our lives and cannot be altered.

But then there comes moments of despair where you just can’t take it anymore. I reason with myself to face it with a blind eye. I say to myself, “It’s ok. Just ignore it.” And it does nothing other than feeling sorry for myself. I do not want to be the bigger person always. But the situation never changes. It is given. I can’t influence, not with my words, not with my tears so well hidden. And I end up asking, “Why God? Why me?”

Note: There is a bigger story behind this ranting. Right now I am not strong enough  to share the entire story here. Perhaps, one day I might be courageous enough to do that. But I had to write this now to get it out of my system!

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  1. Stay positive and stop thinking about ‘Why you’ or ‘why things happend’. The more you think, the more you loose the grip on emotions. Better keep yourself busy. I know its easy to say and had to do. But you have no option. You still have a task to make your environment happier.

    1. I always think positive even at the darkest of times. But sometimes its bound to happen, doesn’t it? I think that’s the human me overtaking the super human me. 🙂 Thank you for the encouraging words, TD.

  2. It’s great to have a blog to vent on. Important to say what you’re feeling. I don’t agree with TD that you should stay positive and all that. Be true to yourself. Positivity will come when it must. Sending you a big hug my dear.

    1. Thanks a lot dear. It is really nice to have a blog to vent on and get these supportive words from others. Good thing about the virtual world is, the people I met here actually care to be there for each other. Sometimes we do lose the positive self in this whirl wind. Thank you so much for understanding and for the kind words, Kalpana. 🙂 <3

      1. Hey Vinitha! You know what, the first impression which I had on seeing your display pic is of a lady who is calm, poised and strong. That’s what reflects on your face. “Why Me”? because, You are the privileged one chosen by God. Once you are through with this difficult face, and when you think about it at a later point in time, am sure, you would be amazed to see how well you have faced and tackled the situation.
        Am pretty sure that you are going to return as a stronger person. Believe me at times, it’s ok to be Human.

        Now take a deep breath and SMILE BIGGER.

  3. Wine. Moscato Wine–or ice wine is my personal favorite. If possible, a good book–possibly a Nora Roberts novel which is kinda like Pringles for the brain. If none of these work, listen to Beethoven’s Ninth–it helps.
    Wishing you gentle shelter through the storm.

  4. I’m so sorry you’re down and discouraged, but I totally understand… I have been there myself, many a time. Sometimes we need to just feel our feelings, and, if we’re comfortable, write about them (yay for blogs!), and just let things process. I hope whatever the situation is works itself out soon.

  5. Well, let me tell an oft repeated quote.. ‘Tough times don’t last, tough people do’. It’s ok to feel bad and get it over with. Then you will feel better. Take some break!

  6. Just hang in there, Vinitha! For, this, too, shall pass. Believe me. Sending you a tight hug, dear!

  7. I can understand where you’re coming from Vinitha as an issue has been disturbing me for some time too, though I have aired it out in person with no resolution on my end. I wish you better luck and success with whatever you are grappling with. Hopefully things will work out (as they usually do). I am glad you have at least aired out your feelings. I think that is the first step and important to do. 🙂 <3

  8. Take care Vinitha. It’s good to rant bit by bit sometimes, to help gather all the thoughts as they come by. I wish you the best! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I am sure all of us face such a situation many times in our lives. It’s just about searching for positives even among the negatives, loving the small things in life, smiling and doing things what we love. Before every dawn, there is a dark night. This too shall pass.

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