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#MicroblogMondays : The forgotten things

This week for Microblog Mondays Mel is talking about the things from her childhood that her kids will not know about at the Stirrup Queens. It is true our kids won’t be knowing many things which we came across. It’s all part of evolution, isn’t it?

It reminded me of the things I love to use but not so much in play now. In her blog, Mel mentioned about address books being something that kids are not aware of. Now we have contact list in smartphones and tabs, most people don’t use an address book anymore. I do have contacts saved in my phone at the same time I keep a hard copy too. Yes, I have an address book which I update. I do feel pointless keeping one, but I like it :). Of course, my son doesn’t know anything about it.

Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay

Then those pens – I love pens. I buy them often. I like to write with pen. I don’t use pen while blogging, what a hassle it would be to pen down 200-300 words first and then type it back here, who has the time for it. I do write down beginnings of poems or ideas on a notepad with pen.

Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay

Another thing which I like is notebooks/notepads. I love them in all sizes and shapes. I always carry a small notepad with me. I note down the to do list in it. If I am learning something then I write it down like in school days, only because I love the writing feeling. When we were moving from Phoenix, I had lots of such notes to throw away, it was heartbreaking for me because as much as I love to write I like to save them with me too. But when you travel around the globe those are the stuff which finds its way to trash can first.

Then the mails, I mean the actual ones not emails, letters in envelopes –  I love receiving them and I had sent quite a lot of letters till around 10 years back. Then email took over. Now I don’t send mails through post office but I write to my friends and stay in touch through emails more than messaging through WhatsApp and facebook.

Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay

These are few things I love and sometimes miss. What about you? Do you miss any such things from the past?


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0 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays : The forgotten things

  1. I too like writing with paper and pen. For my blogs, i jot down points on paper and then work on computer developing the blog post. Not a single notepad or diary is spared in my home in which i have not scribbled my thoughts. I scribble everywhere. My manager at work place was amused with me when I sat, for discussion, with my hand written annual appraisal report . He said who does this nowadays. I said I do. Though the final one was a soft copy.

  2. I do still write with a notebook and pen! I keep a bullet journal, and I don’t even walk around the house without it. The kids want one, too. I miss payphones. I don’t miss paying, per se, but how important it felt to make a call when you were out of the house. Or long distance calls where you watched the clock because you were paying by the minute. It made each of those calls feel so special.

  3. I feel I am the only one from the past who does not miss pen/pencil/notebooks et al 🙂 If there is anyone like me, I’d like to meet them. right now I feel like I am a freak of nature 😛 I love my smart phone and jotting down ideas in it as and when they occur and the keyboard to tap my posts out 🙂

  4. Vinitha, your post took me down memory lane. I, too, miss the address books, the pens and most of all the mail..I remember my father had installed a post box on our gate and how I would rush home from college to see if there were any letters for me! Miss those days and those beautiful things from our golden past! Lovely post!

  5. I would have loved to use pen and books but with so much blogging and wanting to save time, I mostly just use them to jot down some important work for the next day. The sad part is even for that, many a time I write notes on my computer. Guess that how dependent I and maybe some others have become dependent on gadgets :/.

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