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#MicroblogMondays – The Unlikely source of Inspiration

Most often we think that we don’t have any impact over anyone. We don’t realize that our tiny actions can be a huge influence on someone else. Like the other day we were at the supermarket and waiting at the billing counter after shopping. When it was our turn, I stepped forward but the lady at the counter didn’t even bother to greet us or smile, not even a glance from her! I said ‘hi’ posing with a wide smile on my face but she was sitting there like a rock with no feelings whatsoever!

Of course, her approach didn’t poke me in the heart but it did make think about how we influence and inspire others without realizing. I make sure to return smiles all the time, unless I am preoccupied with hardcore thoughts that could most certainly change the axis of earth a little to the left or to the right. A gesture as little as greeting someone or smiling at someone could make them happy. Why not give it a shot? How can anyone be superior by ignoring the lovely smile on the other person (Yep, I meant what I said).

The counter lady sure influenced me to write this post, with her no-smile-not-greeting way. Did she ever think that she would inspire someone to write about her!!!

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12 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays – The Unlikely source of Inspiration

  1. I have a thought about this. It could be that the woman at the billing counter was preoccupied with hardcore thoughts that she was not able to come back to smile even after ur sweet gesture. Just another perspective.

    1. I would have thought so if she did the same thing with other customers too. I felt that our brown skin wasn’t exactly pleasing her eyes. In fact, here in UK I’m experiencing more this sort of behavior. This never happened in the US. Staff always greet the customers and people in general are more friendly there. Here many people turn their head away when they see us smiling at them. Used to feel bad in the beginning. But now I smile wider when they do that. 🙂

    2. That being said, not everyone does that OK. There are some kind random strangers too, here. 🙂 How was your experience in UK, Anamika?

      1. I had a very good experience being in UK in my interactions with the people there. I found them much more open, courteous and helpful. Barring one incident where I was trying to get registered myself and Dhruv in the nearest NHS practice. I could not keep up with the nursing appointment required for registration and when I called in to cancel it with 10 min remaining into the appointment, the reception told me curtly I am missing the appointment without a day’s notice and so they refused to register us in any case and asked me to look for some other NHS practice. My husband tried to talk to them 2 or 3 times regarding this but they would not entertain. To this we felt we were being a victim of racist behaviour. But a year later, I was going through the feedback for NHS practices in Preston and found out that this practice had this peculiar policy of refusing registrations on the same grounds and they had been doing this to a lot of other people too, not necessarily Asians. This made us feel better at the end.

  2. I havent ever been to the UK so i wouldnt know….but this i do know that if i was smiling and the other person didnt respond…it would upset me …i think it would..

  3. Oh yes, why can’t people just extend basic courtesy, right? Well, we’re all writers in some form – so every bit of inspiration helps, I suppose.

  4. I wonder how it would change her life if she read this. Would it stick with her, changing how she approaches the world?

  5. Hmm maybe she was sad or disappointed due to some reason at work or something else. But yeah, if we smile and act all pleasurable and the other person responds without even a smile, it gets quite disappointing. Can understand how you feel.

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