Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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#MicroblogMondays – What are you up to currently?

I just couldn’t bring myself to write the post/posts I wanted to write. Yes, it doesn’t sound right. I am stuck not because I ran out of ideas. My idea book is overflowing with them at this point. Still I am not able to write what I want to write.

Does it happen to you too? Please share if you have and do share how you tackled it.

Anyways, since I am not the kind of person who will take no for an answer I shopped aound for inspiration. And got the perfect one to help me with in jotting down a post. I have seen many of the bloggers taking up #SeptemberChallenge. And this prompt “What are you up to currently?” from brave love blog intrigued me. Here is the entire prompt list for the Blog-tember challenge from brave love blog.

Reading… The Zahir by Paulo Coelho. This was recommended by Anamika who blogs here.20150915_144400 I got the book from the library and it is a wonderful read. I found that I can relate with many topics discussed in this book effortlessly. Only 100 more pages to finish the book and that was the status since three weeks.
Playing… everything, from clash of clans to candy crush to hide and seek with my kid.
Watching… Rizzoli and Isles. My new favorite show. It was accidental that I stumbled upn this show but I am in complete love with the witty Rizzoli and the Sheldonised Isles.
Trying… hard to ward off the distractions.
Cooking… ohh! I don’t feel like cooking today.
Eating… fruits right now :). I wasn’t kidding when I said I don’t feel like cooking. 😉
Drinking… tea. 🙂 Have you noticed that you smile when you say tea? Or is that just me?
Calling… my sister.
Texting… my husband.
Pining… relentlessly.
Tweeting… about the blog posts that I loved.
Going… to pick up my son from school.
Loving… solitude, quiet time, being alive, planning for tomorrows that may or may not come, my kid and husband, just being me.
Hating… judgements, mean jokes, politics.
Discovering… that life begins with love, and that life makes it through with love.
Thinking… about the injustice of this world. It’s not fair but that’s how it is. And how is that fair?
Feeling… hopeful.
Hoping (for)… the best!
Listening (to)… my gibberish. Yeah, I know, I need to listen to music instead.
Celebrating… my husband’s birthday next week.
Smelling… the cold air.
Ordering… my mind to stay calm.
Thanking… for this moment.
Considering… to write more.
Starting… with new hobby. I got a coloring book. It’s called ZEN COLOURING. Very therapeutical.

I'm coloring. :)
I’m coloring. 🙂

Finishing… one task at a time.

Ah, this was fun. If you are looking for a distraction and a fun one at that, this prompt is what you are looking for. Go ahead and write your’s now. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays – What are you up to currently?

  1. Thanks for the mention here. I am too going through the same phase where I have ideas overflowing in my mind on 3 topics and I am just not able to put my pen to the paper. While the first topic is one I wanted to do a post for a long time but have not worked on it. The other 2 question the conventional way of living hence are proving to be slightly difficult to deal with but I know unless I do them I won’t be able to clear my mind and proceed further or feel at ease.
    One thing more…the colouring book. I bought a similar book for colouring to divert my mind before I started blogging 🙂

  2. Vinitha, i had really liked this prompt too and so used it in my post as well. Its easier to just put a line against each of the prompts. I liked the Zentangle coloring book.

  3. Yes, it happens to me too – in fact there are at least 4 stories in my head right now that I am in no mood (I’m just being lazy) to write down. I think I’ll think about them until I forget them :/
    PS: The Zahir is a wonderful book, tell me how you like it!

  4. You sound like a busy bee! I’m quite in the same phase myself – when my head is buzzing with ideas yet I cannot hit publish for any of them. My drafts folder is overflowing with half written posts! I’ve learnt to let it be for a while and then push myself to S.I.T. I normally come through with a post after that. Good luck.

  5. That’s an interesting idea for a post. I might take it up too, ‘coz I’m also just starting to get back into blogging after a short break.

    I have only read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and I quite liked it. Have you read any books by Osho so far?

    That Zen coloring book seems cool.

    – Chicky @

  6. Yes.. what to write? The inspiration to write.. happens with me all the time..!! I have to really dig in my mind and come up with the topic.. but it’s totally worth it!


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