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Mindfully Creating #FridayReflections

Mindfully Creating #FridayReflections

Pain is something that until it occurs is easily forgotten, and when it appears again, it reminds you of the lovely days that you had so far. I am learning to remind myself to be grateful of the absence of pain when it is actually absent, instead of fondly remembering the absence when pain ravages my body.

The past two weeks had been painful for me as the back pain unleashed its wrath once again.

Despite the lack of mobility that I had to deal with, I could manage things around the house somewhat better with the help of my husband and kids. Of course, the house is a mess, but it doesn’t resemble a disaster zone. It’s not spick and span either, but we are eating on time and getting kids to school on time. So life is functioning quite well, regardless of the challenges I am facing.

Some days I wrote a lot. Pain has such an effect on me. Words flow to counter the anguish. I have so much to share. My draft folder is overflowing.

Most days I created art. Let me clarify, I call what I created art. I have been watching a lot of videos on mindfulness in Skillshare. Skillshare is a learning platform where you can find a plethora of creative classes from photography to writing to drawing to other things I am not aware of. I have been a member of the platform for almost two years now. Mindful Mandala, Daily Meditative Art Practice, Journaling, Animation, Illustration, etc. are some of the classes I have been taking of late.

Mindful pattern drawing classes had helped me put my mind at ease during the past weeks when I was dealing with back pain. My focus gradually shifts from pain to the lines I make on the paper. I reflect about the day, the state of my mind, about tomorrow, etc. while making the patterns without feeling the pressure of getting things done or fidgeting about what’s not done.

I feel at peace while making the artwork. They are far from perfect. But I love them. They are easy to make. Creating art is like going for a walk with a friend while enjoying a good conversation.

I would like to share a few of them with you here. I am proud of myself for not aiming for perfection. The taunts of perfection is a nightmare for me. I am succeeding in ditching perfection and embracing progress slowly.

In Progress – latest in progress

If you would like to sign up for Skillshare, here is the link to try it free for one month.

© Vinitha Dileep

Friday Reflections is a link-up hosted by Shalini at Kohl Eyed Me , Parul at Happiness and Food and Corinne at The Frangipani Creative every First Friday of the month to share a good cup of tea and your reflections based on the prompts provided or free write. You can find the prompts for this month here.


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9 thoughts on “Mindfully Creating #FridayReflections

  1. ‘Creating art is like going for a walk with a friend while enjoying a good conversation,’ this is some thought. I have known about Skillshare for quite some time but the reason it will cost money and I can never be sure that I will systematically learn something has kept me away from it. Being in pain and yet not being bogged down by it completely and shifting focus to writing and creating art is inspiring. Not thinking about the perfection in art creation is challenging though. I have been there and I know it. The unnecessary fear or doubt about not picking up the right colour combinaions while colouring made me give up on colouring altogether. This time when I picked up the colouring book again, I resolved to let go off the perfect colour combination and just go with the flow ending up with 4 different colour schemes for the 4 corners of the page. Looking at it, I said “Now this is some art” 😀 😀 My favourites among your creations are number 4 and 6.

  2. I have always wanted to join skillshare and learn more. You are doing so well. Art is an awesome platform to let your creativity flow. And it doesn’t need to be perfect. All that matters is how it made you feel. I love your fluid artworks. The colors look amazing. I hope you feel better. Sometimes our own resilience and endurance can surprise us. Take care.

  3. I loved reading your post, Vini, about how art, for you, is like going with a friend for a walk. Such a beautiful line!
    But more than your post, I LOVED your artwork! It’s perfect in every way! The patterns, the colours, beautiful! Mesmerising! Keep it up!
    I hope your back ache just goes away for good. I can imagine how painful it must be, and with house work and kids, the pain can feel overwhelming. Hugs!

  4. Sorry to hear about the back trouble Vini but proud to see you winging it like the resilient warrior that you are. Loved the free flowing feel of your artwork- you are really industrious to be doing so much while in pain.Hugs and hope you are up on your feet soonest!!!

  5. Such a wonderful and inspiring post, Vinitha! You’re a rockstar, dear!!
    Creating art and writing through all the pain and enduring it for such an extended period of time isn’t easy for anyone but you’re one positive soul who has found ways to turn all that angst into something arty and creative.
    I loved the idea of creating simple strokes that are not aimed for perfection but for the experience of it. I do sincerely hope that your pain goes away at the soonest and even whilst you juggle so much work, may you always find your way to expressing yourself through your writing and art. Keep creating and sharing more such, Vinitha.

  6. I hope your back is better now! Do take good care of it.

    As for mindfulness, yes, we all need to practice it more. Hell with perfection, just being in the moment and being aware should be the new thing.

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