Thursday, May 30, 2024
Parenting Adventures

Motherhood Treats!

  1. You are interrupted endless number of times a day with the chatterings of your little ones in such a way that you will never get any of your work done in single shot.  Cooking, writing, cleaning, watching TV, showering, thinking – anything you name it I can guarantee I haven’t completed these tasks without interruption in the last 4 and half years..
  2. You get instances where you smile and forgot what was bothering you couple of minutes ago for at least couple of minutes.
  3. You get ” I love you” at least once per day.
  4. You get to pretend play with your little one.

Mommyhood treats go beyond these.I am amazed to find myself happy and content over very tiny things- those which have nothing to do with me, how the little one’s actions brings joy to my heart.

I find it silly that I never realized that a little life could ever make me joyous.

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