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Musings on a Cold Morning
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Musings on a Cold Morning #MundaneMonday

I woke up at 5 am this morning, feeling the chill in the air enveloping me inside out. I don’t like to turn on the heater as it dries out the air, but I turned it on for under five minutes to help me get out of bed.

Checking the weather forecast made me shiver even more—32 degrees F outside and waiting to drop to 30 by 7 am. A freeze warning is in effect.

I didn’t want to leave the house, but I had to drop my kids off at their schools as the school is back in session.

I might have been outside in the cold for just about 10 minutes during the school run, but the cold had me in its grip despite the layers of clothes I had on. Getting back inside the car after dropping my younger one at his school was a blissful feeling.

The freezing cold reminded me of the two years we lived in England. We landed in Worcester on a May afternoon. The chill in the air made us shiver to the bones. After staying in Phoenix for six years, moving to England was a rude awakening. We had no idea that a place could be that cold in May. Then September brought Autumn, showing us what cold and damp really meant. The English winter took us for a ride with its non-stop rain, wind, sleets, and whatnot.

Looking back, this morning wasn’t bad. After all, today is a ‘drink as many cups of hot tea and coffee’ kind of day and I can’t help but oblige!

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6 thoughts on “Musings on a Cold Morning #MundaneMonday

  1. “today is a ‘drink as many cups of hot tea and coffee’ kind of day” made me smile. Yesterday it was cold at my place. Though the day temperature hovered around 23 degree celcius, the chill in the wind (with no sun) made it feel like it was 15 degree which is way cold by Bangalore standard. Adding to your musing, I have a tale to tell. Recently I started watching the Korean series – ‘See you in my 19th life.’ The girl protaganist remembers all her past lives from 1 to 18 in her 19th life which is the current one. When she is 6 years old, her family is poverty stricken. Her father is a drunkard and her parents fight furiously day and night. She feels slightly sad for her circumstances. She pulls up her socks to feel better by stating – “This is nothing for I have seen and been through a war in my 15th life.” Your comparison of the weather of Phoenix and Worcester brought this to my mind.
    It feels great to find us blogging about mundane things. All over again. Let’s be consistent at this.

  2. I like this post, Vinitha. It’s a lot like the stream of consciousness posts I write in my journal. And I think it’s a great way to beat the writer’s block!
    Ooh! Such terrible cold must make it difficult to step out of the quilts, na? I can’t imagine May being cold! 😛
    Do enjoy your tea and coffee! Such weather demands it.

  3. Ha ha I like that you ended with a cup of tea/coffee. Since I’ve been in Pune I’ve almost forgotten what it was like to be really cold. A little bit of January rain that makes us get out a jacket scares everyone here and I’ve become just like the locals. I’ve very little tolerance for cold. I cannot imagine how I’d get through winter anywhere else.

  4. I’m NOT a morning person and can never be. This probably is also a reason why I’m voluntarily child free 😀

    And I loathe the cold! It makes me so dull and moody.

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