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My dear Kanna..

There are many things I want to tell to my kid. But he is so small now. His curiosity in knowing stuff and stubbornness in saying “then make me understand” when I try to explain things beyond his understanding level is the threshold for this post.

My dear Kanna is a series of posts I want to share with my kid. It might contain simple topics and the more complex ones. 

My dear Kanna

Frequently Asked Questions by Kanna now is

1. Who will marry me?

2. I want to get married, but how?

3. Can I marry my brother or sister when I have one?

4. Will you marry me? (yes he popped the question to me 🙂 )

5. Then Will you marry me when I am bigger? (Again to me 🙂 )

So right now his mind revolves around marriage. I will update here with more of his questions as and when it happens.


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  1. How cute…the questions childhood pose are really cute. The issue arises when the untiring inquisitiveness takes a toll on the parent’s patience levels. But nevertheless they bring a smile on the parent’s face when in retrospection.

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