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Soulful Sunday

My Empty Mind #SoulfulSunday

My mind is empty today. As in pin-drop silence. There are no musings hanging around. Not even a trace of thoughts from yesterday. 

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It’s not the effect of meditation, I know that much. It’s as if every bit of thought decided to stay away from my line of sight because otherwise, I would write about them; after all, like a paparazzi following around a celebrity, I have been after each and every one of my thoughts to write about them. So they decided they didn’t need this attention and abandoned my mind leaving behind nothing but emptiness. 

But now I’m thinking about the significance of emptiness. I feel particularly good about this state my mind is experiencing. No distracting thoughts. No thoughts attempting to grab my attention. 

My mind is in a meditative state. 

Well, as soon as I start doing other things they will be back, musings vying for my attention, distracting my mind, won’t they?

Written for #SoulfulSunday, an exercise to nourish our creative side, by listening to a 10 minute guided meditation followed by 10 minutes of writing, formulated by Esha and supported by Shilpa and yours truly on Sunday at 7 pm IST.

You are welcome to join this meditative writing session!

Soulful Sunday
Soulful Sunday


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3 thoughts on “My Empty Mind #SoulfulSunday

  1. How I loved reading this post, VIni! True, times when there are no thoughts demanding your attention, crowding your mind, it feels like bliss, coz such moments are few and far between. Our mind is under attack from all kinds of thoughts all the time. So, I can imagine how it must cherish such moments. It too needs respite from all the work, right? Enjoy such a state whenever you experience it. But, as soon as the thoughts start pouring in, do grab hold of some of the best ones and use them as your muse! 😛

  2. I go through such quiet at times. The mind calms down and as if there is a blank slate. But never an effect of meditation. 🙂 But then comes the happy state, right?
    Good one, Vinitha! I wasn’t aware you three have started soulful Sundays. All the best! <3

  3. Some times, this is called bliss too, Vinitha! And you’ve reached this state even without doing meditation. Wow!!! I’m so glad you still wrote despite the “bandh”. I had that happening to me too, last week. Told myself that its ok to simply accept that state and move on. Writing is a tricky business, almost always eludes us when we need it the most.
    When this happens, just enjoy the calm state and be happy.
    Happy Soulful Sunday, Vinitha! <3

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