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Of another school-year and memories that stroll my way

It’s been a week since Kanna’s summer holidays had commenced. End of the school-year fills me with such a nostalgic feeling.

The very first thought that enters my mind is that my baby is growing up. He has grown a lot taller this year. It is so visible. He is so proud that he is almost as tall as his mom. I, even though was the elder of the sisters, was the shortest person in our house when we were kids. As my kids grow up I will be pushed back to that position once again. Though I’d never considered being short as a limitation, these developments bring forth such memories into my mind. My current position is just temporary and as soon as someone else is ready to take over, I will step down. But then why I hardly feel that my responsibilities would never shrink no matter which position I hold height wise?

The first day of school I am always anxious as I send my baby off to his new classroom. Slowly, as he makes new friends and get comfortable in the new grade and build a good relationship with his teacher, I feel my anxieties dissipating little by little. I remember the smell of new books, the rush to read all the stories in Malayalam and English textbooks, the time spent covering the books with new brown-papers, the happiness to buy new bag, pencil-box, etc., the excitement to meet friends after a gap of 2 whole months – more than the worries it was these little joys that paved our start of school year, every year. I doubt that my parents ever worried about how well I was going to mingle with my friends or how good my teacher was going to be with me. Well, it was a different time in a different place and the roles were carried out by different people where the emphasis was given to studies and marks more than anything.

On the last week of their school, they had an event which they call College Week. Some of the classrooms were turned into sort of a college setting with different activities and subjects. Kids were free to go into any classroom of their choice and learn whatever is taught in that class for the period. Kanna’s choice of classes was completely different from his friends. He came home and told that he enjoyed his choices and that he made some new friends too in the process. I was so proud of my boy who had the sense to follow his heart than his friends whose interests were different. After finishing my schooling, an engineering degree and doing an MBA later, all these years ago, I still feel a bit of out-of-place feel when I follow my heart instead of the crowd. And here my 3rd grader is teaching me to embrace one’s own interest, without words, that is.

End of the school year, I am more emotional than he is. Maybe because it symbolizes how quickly my baby is growing up. Maybe because I experience this emotion too quickly for my liking. Time can never stay still. But my rational mind is looking for ways to freeze these moments for tomorrows. My memory is filled with these drills year after year, yet I can’t let go of any of these moments.

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8 thoughts on “Of another school-year and memories that stroll my way

  1. Each new school year does that to a mother, right? How I too reminisce the days when my nephew was this tiny little bundle of joy, gurgling and laughing all the time. And, today, he is this big boy, who has a hundred dreams in his eyes and a thousand wishes in his heart!

    Wishing Kanna the best for the new academic year!

    1. Oh yeah, just like how it was when we were going to school – each year one grade up and the pride that brought was incredible. That time it was all about growing up, but now I feel nostalgic, both my baby’s baby days and our school days.
      Thanks, Shilpa. <3

  2. Your words make me emotional leading me to the point which I have not yet reached at but am sure to arrive at it soon. I hear you on the aspect of our parents not giving it a thought about what kind of relationship we would have made with the new teacher in the new class. All they were bothered about was studying hard whereas we give so much thought into the kid’s anxiety, new friends and the personaility of the teacher. Is it the reason we as parents are more stressed out than our parents? I don’t think so that they were less stressed than we are. They had their own concerns which kept them tight, tight enough to not having adequate mindspace to bother too much about their children like the way we do.
    The good thing about us we are aware of the things we can learn from our children like Kanna taught you about following one’s heart unabashedly even at the cost abandoning the friends. I am sure no friendship was hurt in this process. We must take this lesson from Kanna seriously, our height physically and figuratively notwithstanding.

  3. Awww hugs Vinitha. I am glad he can courageously choose topics of his preference. Best wishes to Kanna.

  4. What a beautiful post! As I read this one, I thought of days I would read the stories in the text book and cover my books with brown paper. The smell or books, the joy of getting new stuff and those days are sure a beautiful memory.
    We can all learn from Kanna on how to be comfortable with our choices and follow our heart. He is growing up and that is a matter of pride,Vinitha. Live the moments and enjoy the phase.

  5. Vinitha, every new session just reminds of the passing time and how we have no control of it. Children grow big too soon. Enjoy the moment, and cherish every bit of the memory of a new school session.

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