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Of kisses and marriage! #MondayMusings

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Yesterday afternoon while I was waiting outside Kanna’s school to pick him up I happened to witness an encounter of sorts. As I was pushing the stroller around to keep the baby stay asleep I heard a little voice saying, “Kiss me.” I looked up and saw two kids, a boy and a girl, no more than three-years-old, playing together in the sand. The girl is telling the boy to kiss her. At first, this sight made me smile. I thought that it was cute. But then the little girl kept on badgering the boy with the same question. The poor boy was playing deaf but the girl was relentless in her attempt. In between, she changed the question to “Will you marry me?” The boy nodded yes. Then the girl switched back to kiss me. This continued till the boy’s mother came and took him away.

Three-year-olds are innocent in their thoughts and words. Kids who don’t even understand the meaning of marriage is willing to take the chance. I agree, it was cute. But it stopped being cute for me when the girl kept asking the boy the same thing despite his lack of interest. No age is too early for kids to learn the boundaries, especially when other kids are involved. And yes, parents should take the time to educate both girls and boys that there is more to life than fairy tales and kisses.

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Vinitha Dileep

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18 thoughts on “Of kisses and marriage! #MondayMusings

  1. Yeah… that would quickly go from cute to creepy if she kept it up even while getting her non-answer. You sort of wonder what was going through her mind.

    1. I thought so. I felt sorry for the kids. Often parents are so much immersed in their talks, they have no clue what the kids are up to.

  2. Kids imitate elders, she may have overheard. Elders should take care. Mothers need to educate their children n about differences of good n bad.

  3. She must have seen this on TV. Reminds me of sleeping beauty. Crushes are fine and natural but that’s not everything and kids need to learn that.

    1. All these fairy tales tells the girls to wait for the prince. I feel bad that girls are fed and taught this from such a small age. I’m sure the little girl wasn’t aware of anything and was just doing as she interpreted how it should be.

  4. Oh I agree. While I don’t think the girl had the remotest idea of what she was saying, no age is too soon to teach boundaries, or for that matter, standing up for yourself.

    1. Yes Shantala, she didn’t know what she was saying. I felt bad that she kept trying to make the other kid kiss her when clearly he didn’t want to. It’s our responsibility to teach our kids about boundaries.

    1. Maybe! I was feeling bad for the boy who didn’t want to play along but was bothered again and again.

  5. TV is most definitely the culprit, followed by what kids get to see around them, at home, on the roads…we often forget how impressionable little minds are…but like sponge, they silent absorb everything they see.

  6. The toddlers may not know its meaning or anything .It is cute at this level.For her it may be equal to demanding the parents or siblings to kiss her. But after six or seven years it may smell fishy now a days.

    The parents should be careful in front of the kids.

  7. The offer for the marriage wasn’t rejected, so it is fine. Isn’t it? 😀 I m kidding. Kids are dangerously cute. I agree with all comments and your thoughts too Vinitha 🙂 There’s no too early and they can be educated by stories too 🙂

  8. How true is this? Ii love your perspective of kids learning boundaries from as little as possible – parents really have a huge responsibility as our kids today are exposed to a myriad of experiences and mostly unknown to us.

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