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Of uncertainties, 2014 and the outcomes..

One more week to go and 2014 will fade into the yesterdays. Last year this time we were busy packing up. And on mid January we said bye to Phoenix. It was one of those tough times. Tough because we were setting off to the path of uncertainty with head first. I can’t express how difficult those times were. And at the end of 2014, I see that things haven’t changed much other than the fact that we are in a different country following a different lifestyle. Uncertainty most certainly has found its way in our lives, in all of our lives, hasn’t it? Only difference is that, sometimes we know how uncertain it is going to get and sometimes we are plain clueless.

Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay

But you know, what’s good about all these? It makes us strong. It forces us to prepare. And it prepares us to face. When 2014 dawned in I wrote this,

2013 was scary enough as it could be. Hopes and disappointments played their role equally well.
It wasn’t bad all the time. It wasn’t good all the time either.
Good part is we made it through.
As 2013 drew the curtain and disappeared in the dawn of december 31st, I feel happy to see us on the other side with fewer injuries, brighter smiles, still pulling the wagon of hopes and dreams tired but determined, with sighs of relief, taking deep breaths to face 2014, getting another shot in making a happier us.

The same will fit for 2015, maybe for the coming years too. But then that is the truth of life, isn’t it? We face whatever is in store and come out a bit stronger.

Now, we can’t forget that every cloud comes with a silver lining, some pretty ones, some prettier and some just about right. I got a few too. To begin with, I met my sister after a long gap of five years, yes you read it right, 5-years! Catching up with so many of our friends and spending time with them after so many years was another gift of 2014. When 2014 set off, I had no inclination towards full-time bogging or writing. But then came a moment of realization, where I stood face to face with the fact that every day I am taking one step closer to my death day and one step away from my birthday. I realized that waiting for circumstances to play out in my favor is the biggest blunder I am making, that I want to do something that makes me happy and feels me worth in my life. And that I have to do that before time runs out. And I most certainly owe it to the uncertainties that was always around. If it weren’t for them I never would have found the courage and started writing and shared with you all here.

If it weren’t for the writing and blogging, I wouldn’t have connected with the awesome blogger friends here. If it weren’t for those friends encouragement, I wouldn’t have blogged so often. And if it weren’t for those writings that found a space in the world-wide web, I wouldn’t have got interviewed by Smart Indian Women.

Writing has given me a clarity that 30 years of life could never give. I was afraid to write this often and admit that I liked to write before. There is no other explanation than I was scared. Maybe scared of failing, I don’t know what and why. But when life took such twists and turns, I thought or maybe realized, that nothing is under my control, I turned to the aid of writing and it turns out that it was waiting for me all along, there was nothing to be scared of, nothing to hide from.

So 2014 gifted me with the greatest gifts of all. I don’t know what lies ahead. I don’t know if this new-found passion in writing would be lost after sometime. Whatever be in store I will find out in the future, won’t I?

You see how uncertainties ruling my life showed me the path, the one I never knew was laid out for me? How was 2014 for you? Was it all you hoped for? Were there surprises waiting on your way?

Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay

I wish 2015 holds pleasant surprises like this for you and me.. I wish the New Year tests us just enough to bring out the best in us.. I wish that all those uncertainties that follows us gives us a reason to smile, to care, and to live our life to the fullest.. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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  1. ONE STEP CLOSER TO DEATHDAY AND ONE STEP AWAY FROM BIRTHDAY… Its so Damn true; death is truth.Still thinking about that makes me sad. What would it be like? I mean I won’t be anymore is unthinkable thought..

  2. Death is the only certainty on Earth. But when,where and how?It is uncertain.The ‘fly’ hope flutters over our dream.So don’t worry 2015 awaits you with many a pleasant surprise.

  3. U gimme this shocking reality on a plate kinda feel at times.. Its nice.. N i like that.. Just one question.. Did u say hi to your sis from me? ? just kidding.. Enjoy n keep this going!!

    1. She knows about your ‘hi’s without me getting in between. 😉 Thank you Karu, you are the only non-blogger friends of mine who comment at least once in a while (though it takes me chasing you with an axe!! 😉 🙂 )

  4. Keep going Vinitha. Am sure your writing is playing a great role in keeping people engaged, happy and helping them get to know you as an individual :). Wish you many more years of blogging and lots of happiness in 2015 and beyond :D.

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