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Soulful Sunday

Old Friends & Sick Tales #SoulfulSunday

Meeting a friend after a long time is exciting. But what happens when that friend gets too excited and never leaves you alone!

Sort of that happened at our house last week.

Well, the term friend is used loosely in this scenario actually. Cold, headache, sore throat, and a little temperature – that’s who visited our home sweet home last week.

It’s been more than a year since we had our meeting. Usually, I had a standing appointment with these guys every couple of months. But since COVID unleashed its presence in the world, these old friends were kept out of our house. The accidental meetings from school, bus stop, office, grocery store, etc. stopped abruptly.

To be honest, I have stopped thinking about cold and its buddies since covid encroached on my thoughts. The classic case of leaving the old friend for the new one!

But, for them, I was in their thoughts. One fine day, when the dust storm finished its dance around our neighborhood, we got back home from our regular evening walk with my husband sneezing again and again.

That marked the beginning of the meeting with the old friends.

We were suddenly reminded of the olden days of sickness. Cloudy head, leaky nose, scratchy throat – all those fireworks!

Two days later I was the one parading around with a ‘cold case’. Kids also fell sick.

Honestly, it was nice to fall sick and stay in bed for an extended period of time. Falling sick is the body’s way of telling us to slow down. Even though we were staying at home most of the time with remote work and school, we were far from slowing down. It took a cold and fever to get us to pause and take a rest.

Slowly we are recovering. There are days when we feel all is well and we are fine. But then, these friends of ours don’t want to leave us just like that. They want to make this trip memorable. So pops in a headache or a cough on one of the members of the house and we are on alert again.

Oh, the lingering dust storm is performing the part of a wonderful partner in crime.

That was my last week and a half. I couldn’t think or write. It was a different week with lots of bonding with the bed and Vicks VapoRub.

Written for #SoulfulSunday, an exercise to nourish our creative side, formulated by Esha and supported by ShilpaAnamika, and yours truly.

Soulful Sunday
Soulful Sunday


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7 thoughts on “Old Friends & Sick Tales #SoulfulSunday

  1. Maybe, it is time for you to stop calling these ailments as friends because evidently they cause you a lot of discomfort. Friends are not meant to do that. I will suggest downgrade their status by applying a step-by-step programme. First, strip them off the friends status. Secondly, move them down to acquaintance position. Thirdly, start ignoring them and lastly close all your doors and windows on them and block them out. If they knock repeatedly, tell them to get lost. Severe your ties with them completely.
    The pictures of your area are lovely and the sky looks amazing.

  2. Time to banish this old friend from your home permanently! I’m on ayurvedic tabs for the last year for this precise reason!
    Glad to know you’re better. Enjoyed the views and reading your tongue in cheek post. Stay well, all of you.

  3. Hope you are doing better now. I would never call cold and cough my friend. They are more like unwanted guests who come every now and then and do not want to leave. Last year has been hectic for all of us. Perhaps this much needed rest was in a way a good thing for you. Get well soon. Take care

  4. Sorry to hear you aren’t well but I have to say the sky looks magnificent. Hope these unwelcome visitors leave you and the kids alone soonest.

  5. Oh dear! I hate this old friend too. And since my kid goes to daycare now, we meet more often now. We too have just gotton over a second case of cold but since it is winter we might get a visit soon. I hope you and your family get well soon and don’t see this friend for a while. Take care.

  6. Hope you’re feeling better now, Vini! Colds leave me feeling miserable and lethargic! I really think you should take Anamika’s advice and stop calling it your friend 😉

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