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On Kindness!

I consider myself as a kind person, at least not the rude one. I haven’t made kindness as my motto or anything, but it is there. I try to help people whenever I can and whenever I was asked to.

Pic via Google
Pic via Google

When I was doing my 12th grade I got a chance to show how kind I am three times. I remember those instances very specially because they were all strangers and old people. And that was the time our family was in so much in trouble, I remember considering those instances as universe conspiring in sending us extra blessings to find our way through the messiness called life. It didn’t matter how strangled life was at that time, when I could do my bit to those strangers I was happy, so was them. At least, it gave me peace for few moments.

First time, I was walking back to home from college and this old lady asked me to help her cross the road. Her house was on the other side of the road and she couldn’t walk all by herself. It didn’t take me anything to help her. Second time again, another old woman asked me to hold her hand so that she can walk to her house. She also had difficulty in walking. Third time, I was waiting for the bus after tuition class and this old woman asked me to tell her when her bus comes. She had to go to a different place. I told yes, I will tell her. She had trouble reading because of her eye-sight. When my bus came, she told me it’s okay, you can go. But I couldn’t just leave her. Mind you, missing that bus means I had to wait 3 hours to catch the next straight bus to home or I had to walk 2 miles if I catch another bus. I made the toughest decision of letting that bus go. But I got to see her happiness because I stayed back. 5 minutes later her bus came and she thanked me a lot and got on the bus. Right after that another bus going straight to my home came. It was only by luck that bus came so late on that day, like it was sent just for me. Needless to say, I was very happy.

Pic via Google
Pic via Google

That’s why my dears I believe, kindness will be rewarded in mysterious ways. And the happiness you get from being helpful can never be measured.


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