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Parenting is not easy, neither is catching a breath if you are a parent! #MondayMusings



You know what they say about working from home. That it is not easy. Well, add a 16-month-old to the mix and there you have it – a cocktail of the most unproductive working hours with tiredness, restlessness, and impatience growing at an exponential rate as the byproduct.

Time management is crucial and much needed, whether you are working from an office or in the comforts of your home. Time management takes a whole different level of meaning when you try to work with an active toddler around. Meaning, you will have no time to work, and none to manage either. All I end up with is a list that is piling up with to-dos.

Trust me, I am not making up this.

Having a baby changes one’s perspective for good. All those things which I had taken for granted before the little one’s arrival have become a blessing or a luxury.

Like, sitting down. I don’t sit down anymore, not while my younger one is awake. Who knew sitting down is a luxury? Sitting down and enjoying the meal, sitting down and taking that sip of the hot cup of tea! Hot cup? By the time I get to the cup, it is cold and needs to reheat. Everything I enjoyed so far has become a luxury that is unattainable at this moment.

Thinking of sitting down with a laptop or a gadget? Ha, never would I dare do such an audacious thing, let alone commit one. Well, to be honest, I did try to accomplish this dare a couple of times, all to run across the room to save my laptop from the curious hands of my toddler.

But people, he is perfecting the art of climbing. He can be seen stationed on the top of our dining table or bed every now and then. He is trying his level best to master the hanging from branches of the trees technique our ancestors used to navigate from one place to another, using my kitchen countertop as a replacement for the said branches. One more well-crafted heave and push, he will be up there and gone are the days of instant saving as far as my gadgets and dear dishes are concerned.

My house is always a mess. Not in an unclean way (let’s not focus on that part for now), in an ‘I don’t know where anything I need is’ way. Because everything is out from its assigned place and is in its hiding place – thanks to my dear toddler. And clearly, I have lost track of the hiding places. My kitchen cabinets and draws are the ones that had completely lost its sense of service so far. They have been mistreated and misused so much so that now if my toddler puts backs all those tupperware and cutlery in its assigned sections, they would protest with all their might.

Oh yes, my house has turned into a storage box of sorts which no one takes care of. I am always trying to bring back the order. Chasing that order in this chaos I have become, you know the dog which chases its own tail? Well, Around and around and around I go!

Oh well, who said parenting is easy, right?

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12 thoughts on “Parenting is not easy, neither is catching a breath if you are a parent! #MondayMusings

  1. Lovely write up Vineetha. I share your feelings and its equally fun to watch their actions. keep writing, I loved the flow and the narrating style.

  2. I hear you, Vinitha! I think I share your exasperation to a great extent because while I have seen babies who will be angels, my own son has given me one hell of a time, as he would hardly nap, always seek attention and naturally, even though he was never naughty in the real sense of the world, his overactive genes meant I never had the time to rest, or stop or do anything that I really wanted to do. You are getting plenty of exercise running around as I can see, and the good part is once he is a little older, things will settle down and you will have more time to yourself. I do hope you are feeling better now. P.S. Ignore the mess in the house. If you don’t notice, it does not exist. Period. 😀

  3. For the reader, the way you have written your tale of chaos is highly amusing. My suggestion is do not go against the tide and that is do not try to bring order when it is meant to be chaotic and this is about the external. The more you will try to sort out the external, the more the internal will get chaotic. Take care of the inside first and watch the fun. Easier said then done, if you tell me this, I will also agree.

  4. A great post and one i can totally agree with! Sitting down – ha! I find myself sitting on the floor for most of my day other changing bums, playing games, picking up rubbish etc etc. I find my cuppa in the microwave most of the time! #mg

  5. Whoa! That’s one word that slips from my mouth as I read your post and imagine the scenario! But, don’t you worry, girl….don’t bother if anyone is judging you, or anything. You are a parent and that’s the toughest job in the world, and you are doing it with elan! So, sit back and enjoy your kiddo and his adventures. For soon he will have grown up and you will then miss these days..just like you miss ‘sitting down’!
    Hugs, Vini!

  6. YES YES YES this is such an accurate description! I am lucky now mine are older, so they are not standing on tables or trying to use my laptop, but they are always interrupting me, but for most of the ayer they are in school from 9 am until 3pm which helps. So happy you could join in with the #mg link ip party

  7. Hugs, Vinitha. I can understand every word you have written here. And the ‘hot cup’ is a luxury, isn’t it? Or, just sitting! Oh I wish you were here so I could take care of him of weekends and you could get some me time. But since I can’t, here’s a huge hug from me and I want you to know that I understand.

  8. Patience patience.. Maybe your elder son is a quiet child and so the exuberance of the younger one is getting too much .. Watch him and enjoy. My elder son was like this. I used to wonder when will he ever grow up. But now that he is a teenager, he is terribly quiet.

  9. Woah! That is sure not easy. But let the house be messy and take it easy. Have fun with them and spend the time. Once they get into their own worlds, I have heard it is different.

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