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Some Blogging Rants #SoulfulSunday

When did writing a weekly blog post become such a humongous task? There was a time when I used to write daily blog posts. But that was a different time. There were lots of people blogging because they liked the very act of pouring their hearts out and sharing those thoughts with other like-minded people. There was no judgment. There were loads of acceptance and encouragement.

That was the time when I used to blog regularly and read lots of blogs. I didn’t start my blogging journey with the expectation that there would be acceptance from others. I was only looking for a space to share my thoughts. Through blogging, I discovered an amazing land of creativity. The confidence I gained through blogging is paramount.

What I never expected in this blogosphere was this kind of change. I can’t pinpoint – was it gradual? Or sudden? Did the increasing number of blogging gurus with their non-stop lectures and tips and tricks to take your blog to the next level result in this lack of enthusiasm?

Soulful Sunday

Correct me if I am writing. But there is a major shift in the blogging world. Right? While monetization in blogging should’ve encouraged to build a tighter blogging community, at this point in time, I see only a few hanging in there who blog for no financial benefit.

In the haste to build an audience, many bloggers left their clans. Maybe, they have a large audience out there. But to me, this is nothing but abandoning what made you you.

Blogging came into my life when I was feeling lonely and out of place. Blogging saved me in more ways than one. It wasn’t my audience that saved me. It was the responses from other bloggers that gave me the confidence to write and explore more. Every story I write, every poem I scribble made it to the blog with thousands of fears and doubts. I got feedback, constructive criticisms, and encouragement from the blogging community that helped me move forward.

So, it breaks my heart to see the blogging world deserted.

I feel alone in this big space sometimes. But no way I will stop making my appearance here. I will try to keep the interaction going as long as I can, although, sometimes all I hear is the echo of my own thoughts.

Written for #SoulfulSunday, an exercise to nourish our creative side, formulated by Esha and supported by Shilpa and yours truly.

Soulful Sunday
Soulful Sunday


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5 thoughts on “Some Blogging Rants #SoulfulSunday

  1. You’re right, Vinitha. I too have been getting the feeling that the blogosphere has suddenly become very deserted. The tribe of people who pulled each other up, read and supported and critiqued each other has dwindled to just a handful nowadays. I hardly get readers these days, except for the usual ones. Not for money but for the love of the written word—yes, that’s what has kept me hooked to my blog for the last 6 years and I hope it always remains as magical and enticing for me, as it has always been.
    One can only hope for the blogosphere to shake itself up from its self-imposed stupor and get back to the good ol’ days of blogging when it was all about the community.

    Here’s hoping for better times, dear Vinitha!

  2. It’s so true Vinitha. Blogging has changed drastically and for the worse where every influencer are called such. It’s killing content. It’s been many years that I am no longer part of any community because of the politics in the world of blogging and many of the people reading me have stopped. I realized it during my last participation during A-Z and stopped participating. The truth what with groups forming against the other. But, that shouldn’t stop us from writing, right!

  3. You are aware of one blogging community which is quite big. The bloggers which were a part of the same community as we were have gone on to that group ever since the the erstwhile groups (of which we were a part of) disintegrated. There they are blogging and bonding. (I might be not too sure about the authencity of the bonding part.) I have seen tweets from bloggers showing gratitude about increased traction after joining thae group. Would you like to consider this group? You know the name, I am guessing.

  4. My thoughts precisely, Vini. These days, I only blog at Fictionista because of Soulful Sunday posts. I haven’t shared anything on Metanoia in ages and don’t even feel like doing it. Those olden days of blogging are long gone and so has the enthusiasm and the excitement. I sometimes wonder what’s the use of this? What’s the use of any of this – Instagram, our blogs, all of it feels like an utter waste of time. 🙁

  5. You know my feelings on this, Vini. While I too have monetized, I do try to connect with some people as consistently as I can. Sadly it seems down to just a few of us. But perhaps that’s okay too?

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