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Some Rambling Musings : This Sky and Some Reflections – 1

Once upon a time, I was a brave soul who would jump into daily blogging without any preparation whatsoever. Those were the days when my mind reaped the benefits of blogging by actually writing and publishing without overthinking. 

I wonder how could I do that! 

Last week I came across a new feature on Parul’s blog happiness and food called This Sky and Some Reflections. I loved the idea of sharing a snap of the sky from my corner of the world along with some musings that strolled my mind. 

I have plenty of pictures of the sky in my phone gallery already. Plus I click a lot more on a daily basis. My mind’s gallery is brimming with musings of all kinds always.

It’s easy peasy to share a pic and some thoughts. Or so I thought.

Well, the first part was relatively easy. I clicked the picture of a beautifully decorated sky hiding the moon right in front of my house one night. Immediately I uploaded that photo to my blog post. 

Then the waiting game started. All those musings that normally take up 99% of my mind’s storage space refused to cooperate. It was like my mind went into paralysis. Oddly enough, this paralysis happened only when I sit down with the intention of jotting down some musings. 

Then today I decided that it’s enough. I need to do whatever it takes to get my mind out of the paralyzed mode. Keep doing the CPR or bring in the ventilator or even a full-on autopsy. 

I thought about the beginning savoring the moments when I used to blog courageously without thinking about what others would think or if what I wrote made sense to others or refused to surrender to the threats of self-doubts. Of course, inviting memories in propelled me to type something on this page. When we think about the events in the past either we showcase them in a very negative light or decorate them with unrealistically bright positive light. Although when the moments transpired they were as ordinary as the moment that is passing by us right now.

I decided that the mediocre writing that I started my blogging journey with, when I knew nothing about writing, was incredible brave of me. And I overlooked my attempts to revive the writing journey that I had taken multiple times since then, in fact every day, as something below ordinary. When I think “it’s all in the mind” I resist that thought. But truly, isn’t it all in our mind? We think fondly of certain things and moments making them our precious memories. I think how our life unfolds depends on our interpretation of what happened in the past and what could happen in the future and how we react based on those thoughts in the present than the many incidents and moments that we go through day by day.

We as an individual, then, is a powerful being, with a mind so powerful to steer us in any direction, isn’t it? Does that knowledge free you or scare you that you have a lot more capacity and strength than your circumstances?

It frees me as it had in the past. Although I keep forgetting this fact making me lose my power.

Well, this is the aftermath when I decided I am not surrendering to my mind’s paralysis. It’s not pretty. But this will do for now. 

And yes, you can also join with your slice of the sky and reflections at Parul’s happiness and food


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4 thoughts on “Some Rambling Musings : This Sky and Some Reflections – 1

  1. This made me smile, because I so get it. I think we enjoyed blogging so much more in those ‘easy’ days when we wrote whatever was on our mind and connected with others so joyfully.

  2. I hear you, Vinitha. That is so my story, when I too blogged without a care in the world. In fact, I thought a bit too much of myself because I was “writing”.
    I am glad you did this. Writing without thinking too much about others’ opinions is freeing. As it is, nobody is perfect here. So, why not just write and enjoy the journey instead?

  3. Yupp. It’s all in our mind.
    Well, I’m doing the same, old-fashioned, “without thinking” blogging, currently, on One post daily, all through July. And I’m telling you… it is SO liberating!
    The more you write, the more you want to write. Self doubt is the biggest obstacle to creativity. Besides, you CAN always edit a not-so-good piece later, but how do you get good without practice?
    P.S. – That sky looks gorgeous! How did you get such an amazing night shot?

  4. This made me think I am so much in the same boat, Vinitha. Tons of thoughts, millions of pictures in the gallery but then when it comes to putting pen to paper, I feel stuck. I have just got to my desk to work on the second edition which will be live on Monday, August 7 and I very grateful that you decided me to join. Thank you so much. You have truly encouraged me much more than you will ever know. I value your friendship a lot <3.
    See you around!

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