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Success first then happiness? 

Really? Think again. Can you be happy only if you are successful? That’s going to be a painful life at least for me if I can be happy only if I am successful! I mean, can anyone ever be happy like that? So you got a raise at work or bagged a promotion and you are happy, but how long is that happiness going to last? Few days, I suppose. Then come new goals, and happiness have to wait till those goals are realised.

Now if you are already happy and scored good marks in a test, the result will make you only happier. If you are the other way around, I am sure you can’t help it but cry over the lost marks, however less that be.

It all trace back to being content with what we have. For a happy person success brings more joy. For a happy person success is celebrated with more happiness.

What makes you happy, being successful or being happy?

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19 thoughts on “Success first then happiness? 

  1. HI Vinitha, but most of them, only run behind the material success. Somehow, material success and the happiness and glory derived is more valued. Happiness is quantified. Happiness is weighed with numbers in excel. How sad!

    1. I know, it is sad, isn’t it? Material success makes me happy too, but I’m trying not to base my happiness solely on to that. It is hard though.

  2. Happiness comes first without a doubt. If you are happy, everything will fall into place and that includes success too!

  3. Happiness and success are two sides of the same coin and one without the other is incomplete. One succeeds because one is happy and when one is happy the doors of opportunities do open.

  4. Happiness makes the heart content and success alone doesn’t count in this rat race world. I fully agree and happiness matters the most and someone can never be happy in a job that reeks of frustration.


  5. Like you said, it is important that we are content (happy) with what we have. Happiness leads to more happiness. Think of the ripple effect of laughter (in a room full of people). Happiness makes me happy, like dancing and singing – last week I danced in the rain and it was SO much fun! 😉 And happiness leads to success: how could it not?! <3

  6. Success makes you happier. And happiness makes you successful.
    Isn’t this something like that chicken and egg riddle? :p
    But I strongly believe that happiness makes you successful.. and not the other way round..
    ’cause once you become successful, you may become a little arrogant. And that makes you a little less happier! 🙂

    1. Happiness comes from within, by choosing to stay positive at times when it all goes wrong.. in knowing that there are things to be grateful for.. finding joy in little things which go unnoticed in our daily life.. Where is happiness for you, Lily?

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