Saturday, December 14, 2019

This time of the year… #wordsmatter

It’s not that time of the year without pumpkins and ghostly figures displayed in every store here. Of course, Christmas lights along with figures of Santa clause and snowman are twinkling, too. Sales banners are up too in all the stores, one might even think that stuff is given out for free. That’s the magic […]

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Gratitude Life

At last an Author of my book | June Gratitude #GratitudeCircle

June saw me working toward publishing my poetry book among other things. How was your June?

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Life Random Thoughts

Six months into 2019…

Six months into 2019 and I look back with a mixed reaction. On one hand, time is flying past by me in its own tantalizing and taunting way, leaving me behind to catch up and on the other hand, I feel content for the time I got to spend with 2019 so far. The year […]

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Gratitude List – March & April

By now you must have understood that I was on a break from blogging in April. I wanted to post my gratitude list for March before taking the break, but then I got caught up in this idea of merging my two blogs into one. It started as an exciting thought, soon turned into a […]

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International Blog Delurking Week 2019

This week we celebrate as International Blog Delurking week 2019. Let’s say hello to each other and get to know each other this week. Shall we, then?

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Welcome 2019

This new year, I’ve chosen a word to set the tone of the rest of 2019. Do you have a word for 2019?

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