Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Because Mommy Needs To Laugh A Little!

I don’t categorize myself as a voracious reader. I try to limit my reading dosage as I had proved early on that I have an addiction to reading which could take over my life forever and ever. But reading is definitely a part of my daily routine. Currently, I am reading ‘The Forty Rules of […]

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Random Thoughts

Why I don’t participate in reading challenges

I have come across many reading challenges my fellow bloggers joining in over the past years. Come January it’s time to hit the reset button and set a reading goal along with participating in a number of reading challenges to help reach the goal. It is a healthy and effective way to participate in a […]

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Parenting Adventures

The effect of a good book #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

“When I grow up and get married and have children, I would read this book to my kids,” said Kanna as we were reading the book ‘Wonder’.  Wonder is their current read at school. Whenever they start reading a new book in his class, Kanna asks me to get that book  and read it to him. Last year, […]

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MicroBlog Mondays

#MicroblogMondays 12: The First Time

For this week’s microblog mondays, Mel is talking about first time with a book. In her own words “What book are you happy you read but sad that you’ll never again get to have a first-read experience of that book? (Even if you know that it gets better and better with each read.)  ” I […]

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Random Random Thoughts

My favorite books

I won’t say I am an ardent reader. I used to be like that; immersed into the pages of the book I was reading, putting off eating and everything else, but I changed. I think it was part of growing up. 🙂 I have few favorite books. Of all the books I have read so […]

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